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Natural Health News: 10 Questions with a Holistic Health Practioner


  1. Why would parents want to see a Natural Practitioner?

These days I believe a lot of people, especially moms, are realizing that Doctors mainly just prescribe medication and are not interested in actually healing the health issues. For those who believe natural remedies/natural medicine and nutrition is superior than what modern medicine has to offer, a Natural Health Practitioner is essential. We also spend time focusing on other aspects of health.

  1. How will a consult with you differ from their Doctors?

First and foremost TIME! Most of the time you're lucky to get 15 minutes out of a Dr these days. When you see me, whether it is a long distance consult or local, you're getting 45 minutes to an hour of undivided attention. We go over the current problems, history, diet, sleep, stress, behavior, and I also like to help go over tools needed to help cope with the situation at hand. There are just NO Doctors that can honestly say they offer all of that. Therefore, it is a very different experience.

  1. What is your background?

At 18 I became an EMT, I worked for EVAC ambulance for a few years and then went into a clinical setting and was a lab manager where I did a lot of blood work and testing. After a few years I went into Nursing school. After Nursing school I worked at a local Hospital on their medical/surgical floor. From there went on to become an agency Nurse. As an agency Nurse I worked at several local hospitals in various settings. I was mostly used on Medical/Surgical, Pediatric, ICU, ER and PCU floors. When you are agency, you go where they are short staffed. I enjoyed switching settings. I believe it gave me a more wide range of experiences and a wider knowledge base.

  1. What are some of the most common reasons people make appointments with you?

In children, I see alot of acute Illnesses. Fevers, respiratory infections, stomach viruses, etc.. When a child has a fever and is sick, I offer support for the nervous mom, along with guidance in regards to natural healing. With children I also see a lot of ADD/ADHD and help with nutritional and supplement support to resolve symptoms. In regards to adults, I see a lot of the more chronic issues like autoimmune disease, chronic pain, cancer, women's health, and a lot of people just wanting help with general health.

  1. What services do you offer?

I actually offer quite a few very unique services. I have family health plans, meal planning services, monthly plans that work just like a retainer or health insurance. A flat fee that gives you unlimited consults when you need them. I also offer personal shopping where I go along with you and help you with understanding labels, ingredients, etc… it is a really great education tool and truly priceless for anyone new to a certain way of eating.

I try to specialize and personalize my services to what is needed. If someone just wants to pick my brain about some things, I will accommodate so they can get the information they need.

  1. Do you offer long distance services?

Yes, I have a virtual practice and I offer phone consults, Skype or even via FB messages. A lot of times moms prefer chatting through Facebook because it is easier on them. Especially moms with little ones.

  1. Why is it important for people who want to use natural remedies to consult with a Holistic Health Practitioner?

There is a lot of information out on the internet. This gives people a false sense of safety in regards to taking supplements, herbs, using oils, etc….What people have to understand is that herbs and supplements are a form of medicine. There are very real interactions, side effects, and contraindications (meaning you can not take it). A practitioner is key to guiding their clients/patients.

  1. What is something you feel is unique about you as a Practitioner?

I think every Practitioner has their own special touch, things that sets them apart from everyone. I think mine would be my background and my knowledge/experience in the Natural Health industry. My medical background has made such a big impact in regards to how I assess situations, signs/symptoms, labs, etc…because of that background I have a very solid knowledge base in diagnostic testing, pharmaceuticals, and the way the medical world in general works. A lot of times I will tell my clients what their Dr is going to say. They will come back to me and say “ my Dr said what you said” or “the Dr ordered the tests you suggested”. That inner circle of knowledge from being in that field for so long has helped me help my clients time and time again.

I am also very well versed in brands of supplements which helps me help my clients get the best product for the best prices. I can also help them not waste money. So, those two things are just a couple things that set me apart.

  1. What are your plans for the future?

My main goal right no is to finish mt ND Degree. I should be done with that in about 1-1/2 years. I plan on continuing to build my practice both online and locally through my consults at Debbie's Health Foods. I am interested in writing and speaking more. Maybe creating a YouTube channel so I can share with more people and have a means of empowering others. I just want to keep growing, learning and sharing. Through all of that, I help others, and that is my main goal.

  1. Is there anything else you would like people to know about you or Natural Health?

I want people to understand that nature has the answers and always has. Man has made great strides in regards to technology and we can't deny the importance of surgical and Emergency Services. However, I think we have gotten so far away from nature, and have been thrown into this fear driven medical system. People do not understand how simple healing can be. Every ailment, every disease has an answer. It is not alternative medicine, it is the original medicine. It is the medicine in which most of these pharmaceuticals are derived from. The pharmaceutical companies have taken these constituents from these plants and have adulterated them with other chemical structures that take them so far away from their raw state in nature. Why? To make money! These medications cause side effects, adverse reactions and even death in some cases. Modern medicine does not offer answers or cures. I challenge anyone who has been dealing with Dr's and Western Medicine for their health issues to go see a Natural Health Practitioner that is well versed in botanical medicine. Remain open and see what happens! 


Jami Oles, CNT, HHP, Holistic Nurse and Health Educator

Jami is a mother of three and a Holistic Health Practitioner with a 10 year background in Nursing and Emergency Medicine. She is a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Holistic Nurse, EMT and is currently pursuing her PhD in Naturopathic Medicine. Jami is also a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association and regular guest and host on WNDB radio’s “Sunrise Today Show”. She is available for seminars, education workshops and consultations.

You can reach Jami via email -  yournaturalhealer@gmail.com

Facebook Page: Jami Oles, Holistic Nurse

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