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Going Organic Co-Op in Volusia County

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Going Co-Op
By: Tirzah Hochreiter

There is a food revolution going on across the country, and residents of VolusiaProduce
County have a number of options to help change the way they eat. 
The Farmers Markets located through out the county are quick and convenient (and children love it!) but if you’re interested in becoming a little more involved in choosing which foods you purchase, consider the Common Ground Organic Farm.
Located in DeLand, at the Common Ground Organic Farm you can purchase a share of the crop, but be ready to work, because as a Co-Op Farm you will be expected to work a minimum of one day of the month tending to the crops.
Kids love learning about how to grow food, and the Common Ground farm schedules events for the whole family regularly, so it will soon become a place they will look forward to going to.

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