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Michael's in Port Orange Offers Cake Decorating Classes


Interested in learning how to decorate cakes? Now you can take classes from the experts! Michael's, located in the Pavilion at Port Orange, is offering cake decorating classes.


See how to make cakes and desserts look great in 4 easy lessons See store associate for class dates, times, and special promotions.
Course 1 - Discover Cake Decorating - Create the perfect birthday cake with decorating basics taught step by step.
Course 2 - Flowers and Borders - Expand your Course 1 skills with basketweave, new flowers and borders.
Course 3 - Fondant & Tiered Cakes - Amaze yourself and others by decorating tiered cakes, creating fondant designs and 3-D flowers. Fondant & Gum Paste - Take your cakes to a whole new level with advanced fondant techniques, gum paste flowers and more.

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Nancy Benyamin

I am interested to take the class with you. I am visiting Daytona beach for two month and I would like to take this opportunity to register in your class. So, when will the class starts and for how long? Can you send me all details including price?



The classes are not with me. I am just posting the information for those who may be intersted in it. You will need to contact the Michael's in Port Orange for details.


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