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Around Volusia County, and throughout Florida, it is common to see turtles making their way across the Turtle
road. You can help them get to the other side, so that they don't get smashed by cars. I have already stopped twice this week to help turtles across the road (including the one pictured). Extending compassion to these little creatures is a simple, yet great, thing to do!

Here's what you need to keep in mind when you stop to help a turtle get safely across the road:

1) Don't risk yours or your family's life to do it. Make sure that the traffic situation is safe before helping the turtle to safety.

2) Gently pick the turtle up (never by the tail) and always carry it toward where it was heading. Don't take it back the way it came from, or it will head right back out to where it was going and be back out in the road. Just take it safely to the side of the road it was headed for. Try to put it off the side of the road where it will be out of danger and the line of traffic.

3) Some turtles may be snapping turtles. They need help, too! While the others are easier to pick up, snapping turtles can also be helped, you just need to pick them up with more care. If you are afraid to pick up the snapping turtle see if there is a guy around willing to do the deed.

You can also do things to help sea turtles, such as keep beach lights off during nesting season, which runs from May through October, and never disturbing sea turtles on the beach as it goes to lay its eggs or head back toward the beach. Locally, we have a Volusia Flagler Turtle Patrol, which hosts a yearly Turtle Festival each April, and the Volusia Sea Turtle Society. We also have the Marine Science Center, which helps injured sea turtles.

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