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Today is National Running Day #globalrunningday


Today is National Running Day!

Next week will be 1.5 years I have been running consistently. Wow! So far for 2017, I have run 180 miles, so I'm on pace to reach my 365 mile goal for the year. In the 1.5 years I have been running, I have gradually lost 27 pounds. I am loving running!

I realize running is not for everyone, so don't feel guilty for not taking it up. But if you are interested, research shows that you only need to run 6 miles per week to gain loads of benefits, which include helping to manage weight, lower blood pressure, improve blood sugar, and lower the risk of some cancers, respiratory disease, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. It also reduces your risk of dying from any cause and extended your life an estimated three to six years. I run three times per week, for around three miles each time.

I've only missed one day this year, which was because I hurt my foot on my bike when a dog ran after me. Here's to more running... may I some day be one of the old ladies still out there running!

- Jacqueline

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