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Holistic Parenting Group in Port Orange and Ormond Beach (March and April 2017)

Traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathy are two very effective and safe modalities to treat common illnesses in children. In general, young children are more susceptible to getting colds, coughs, allergies, asthma, and digestive issues. But the good news is, their little bodies also respond very quickly to natural remedies that are effective at eliminating symptoms and returning the body to balance. The goal of Chinese medicine and homeopathy is to eliminate the pathology and shorten the duration instead  of just suppressing symptoms and and waiting for the pathogen to take its course. These formulas are also effective without the side effects that medications have. To schedule an appointment for your child at Holistic Women and Families, please call (386) 872 5757.
To learn more about how you can use homeopathy effective with your family join us for our next Holistic Parenting Group. Our March topi​c will be "Homeopathy For Children and Teens," hosted by Certified Homeopath Practitioner, Lise Battaglia, CCH, HMC, BFRP, CHP.
Join us to learn more about Homeopathy- how it works and where it fits into your wellness strategy. You will also learn when to use combination remedies, when to self prescribe, and when a homeopath is needed.

Please note, this month's meeting will be held at a different location.
Holistic Parenting Group
Saturday, March 25th, 2017
10-11 am
with Lise Battaglia, CCH, HMC, BFRP, CHP
at Advanced Practice Nursing Services
555 Memorial Circle
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
On the flyer you will also find details about our April Holistic Parenting Group! Our ​April ​topi​c will be "​Mindful Mommy," hosted by ​yoga instructor, Kelli Durrance.
Join us to learn ways to restore peace and joy in your home and heart, ways to help you feel calm and centered as parent, and
​ be​ in​troduced​ to guided meditation and yoga poses you can do together with your child​.​

Please note, this month's meeting will be held at a different location and at a different time than regular meetings.​

Holistic Parenting Group
Saturday, ​April 29th, 2017
10​:30- 11​:30​ am with 
​Kelli Durrance- Yoga Instructor at ​Kula Yoga Studios
55​37 South Williamson Blvd #753​ 
​Port Orange  
​Please call Holistic Women and Families at (386) 872-5757 for more details! ​