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What goes on at the Ladies Night Market in Port Orange!


For the past couple of months I have posted about the Ladies Night Market events that take place on the first Thursday evening from 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm each month in Port Orange. They are held at the VFW hall on Williamson, right behind Walgreen's. This month, I was invited to check it out and talk about Volusia County Moms for a few minutes. So I stopped by and took some pictures to show you all what it's about.

The Ladies Night Market is a little event that is just for the ladies. You walk in and you are greeted, given a raffle ticket (yes, prizes are given away), and you are offered some food. There was a buffet table of foods to sample, including chips, dips, meatballs, and more. You can walk around and check out all the tables that are set up. Lots of ladies are there offering their specialties. Some are selling things that are franchised, while others are selling things that are custom and unique. It's a great mix of items to check out and plenty of people are giving yummy samples along the way.

There are some really neat things you can get at the Ladies Night Market. I saw plenty of items that would also make for great Christmas gifts. It's a place where you can shop, eat some treats, and mingle with other ladies!

The monthly event is free and worth checking out. Here are some pictures from the event (there is a lot more to go along with these, I just couldn't post it all):