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Get down and derby at The Hub on Canal in New Smyrna Beach - May 6, 2017



Great Fun on Canal Street With The Hub on Canal’s

Signature Derby Day Event

The Hub on Canal Inc. will celebrate its second annual Get Down and Derby event on Saturday, May 6, 2017 with a full day of activities promising fun for the whole family.  The Canal Street event in New Smyrna Beach is part of a collaboration between the Canal Street Historic District, downtown businesses, and The Hub on Canal, Inc.  The slate of events includes live music, Derby hat-making, kids activities, and a Derby style horse race along Canal Street using wooden horses.  All members of the public are invited to attend this free event.

The Kentucky Derby themed event will begin at 10am with a street concert performed by The Hub on Canal’s own eclectic jug band, The HubCats.  They will be followed by Ray Guiser performing Dixieland music from 1-3pm.  Derby Day activities at The Hub on Canal begin at 1pm, including Derby hat-making, Derby hat judging contest, Derby Horse Races on Canal Street, kids’ activities, and face painting.   The event will culminate with live-streaming of the Kentucky Derby horse race in the lobby of The Hub on Canal.  The Mackay Gallery May art exhibition also opens on Saturday, May 6th, featuring works by Martha Jo Mahoney. For more information and times of specific activities and the gallery exhibition, visit our website at

Other activities along Canal Street include an Art Stroll from 10-4pm, the Craft Beer Walk from 1pm-7pm, and the Gallery Walk from 4pm-7pm.  

Let Holistic Women and Families Natural Health Center help with functional blood analysis!


Are you  feeling like your health is not optimal even though your blood work came back "normal"?  What is "normal"?  Lab ranges that are used to diagnose disease are based on bio markers that are determined by population averages. In other words, blood is drawn from a varied group of people and an average of these results are used to set the lab ranges. Our society, in general,  is getting sicker and sicker and the use of prescription medications are increasing.  This way of determining what is average blood work does not exclude people who are already diagnosed with a disease, people who are on medication or people who just plain don't feel healthy!

Functional medicine lab ranges are based on the averages from people who are not on medication and have not been diagnosed with a disease.  These people feel healthy and have balanced energy and emotions. Do you want your blood compared to healthy energetic people or medicated unhealthy people?  Your goal should be to have your blood work reflect optimal health ranges.

We are not sitting ducks just waiting to have a diagnosis given to us for why we don't feel good. Your body gives you messages long before a full blown disease manifests.  Inflammation and the disease process first appears as pain, low energy, mood disturbances, swelling, digestive issues, infertility, insomnia, etc. If you don't feel good and your doctor can not give you a reason based on your "normal" blood results then you want to investigate deeper.  Functional ranges are used to assess risk for disease before it develops so that you can be proactive and make the necessary changes and stop the progression.

At Holistic Women And Families Natural Health Center, we practice disease prevention by early identification and screening of imbalances in the body's metabolism. Huge changes in emotional and physical health can take place through nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. Don't continue to blame the way you feel  on "aging" or think that feeling optimal isn't an attainable goal.

We order a comprehensive blood panel and analyze your results based on optimal functional lab ranges. We then take your symptoms and health issues and look at them within the framework of your blood results.  From there we can make recommendations to get you feeling back to optimal and stop the disease process from manifesting.

Call Holistic Women And Families Natural Health Center in Port Orange at 386-872-5757 and take the first step towards getting your health back on track.