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Mummenschanz -- April 25, 2018 ~ 7:30 p.m. at Peabody Daytona


Mummenschanz -- April 25, 2018 ~ 7:30 p.m. at Peabody Daytona

Swiss theatre troupe, Mummenschanz, quietly claims widespread success with its popular, surreal mime and prop-puppetry vignettes. Globally praised for their intricately choreographed skits, intermingling bizarre masks and shapes, with a dramatic play of light and shadow, this group brings its newest tour, “you & me” to Daytona Beach in 2018— an astonishing family treat for children of all ages!

For four decades, MUMMENSCHANZ has captivated audiences worldwide with its groundbreaking non-verbal theatre of movement and transformation. For its new show, MUMMENSCHANZ creates a comic, wordless universe where everyday object such as toilet paper, wires, tubes and boxes are transformed into fantastical characters and abstract forms. MUMMENSCHANZ founding artists Bernie Schürch and Floriana Frassetto are the featured performers in You & Me. Together they will present some of the troupe’s most beloved creations and characters. They are joined by Raffaella Mattioli and Pietro Montandon.

Students ages 2-12 can purchase tickets for $10 total no additional fees in person at The Peabody Box Office.


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