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Sign your kids up for the ECHO Rangers! (2015)


I cannot say enough good things about this program and I highly recommend you sign your kids up for it. The ECHO Rangers is a great program that is offered to kids grades 1st through 5th grades throughout Volusia County. For just a $20 registration fee per child you will get a booklet filled with activities they can do for the whole school year. These activities include things like visiting museums, learning about the environment, engaging in cultural activities, and more. 

My kids did this program for a couple of years and we had a great time with it. They get a chance to do a variety of activities at usually no additional fee beyond your initial registration one. Plus, an adult usually gets to do the activity with them for free, too. My kids have taken hikes, boat rides, tours, and more, and have learned a lot from this great program in the county.

To register you can visit DeBary Hall. You can get the registration form and more information here. Excellent program for kids and it's affordable, too.