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Letter to the editor: Do all teachers deserve raises? Backlash from speaking out


Written by: Greg Gimbert
Gimbert, of Daytona Beach, is the founder of Let Volusia Vote and also helped spear head the banning of Fracking in Volusia County from his seat on the State Level Volusia Soil & Water Conservation District Board.

The latest gossip I took away from my school awards breakfast today is that I have finally gone too far and ruined my so called "political career."

Really? My crime?

I dared to go into the school Facebook forum and question the affordability or even appropriateness of all teachers getting a raise. Of that, I am Guilty.

I honestly don't support ALL TEACHERS. There I said it. Its true. Some I think have no business in front of our kids.

Like who?

I don't support the teachers who pretend combo classes are intellectually honest or really anything other than balancing the budget on the backs of our smallest elementary children.

Combo classes at the elementary level are educational malpractice that the system defenders pretend doesn't exist so as to not rock the boat and keep those pay checks coming.

I don't support the teachers who think it is their place to "teach" my child that their big government and small constitution values are superior to the ones taught at home.

Stick to the Three R's. That is your job. Values are the domain of the family.

I don't support the teachers who have grown so big in their system protected britches that they now claim the moral authority to tell my wife and I how to dress OUR child.

Those teachers online threatening "not to support me" are a burnt out minority of the very large group of awesome teachers we have locally. I have had it up to here with that minority threatening educational Armageddon if they get mad and quit. I say let them quit.

I don't support those kind of teachers, and neither should you.

Lets instead support the teachers who suffer in silent fear as they endure yet another culture morphing seminar in conflict with their own family values.

Let's support the teachers who are dreading another development session that makes them functionally obsolete because it consists of training on how to let the computer teach the kids while the teacher is reduced to a login facilitator.

That is how they wind up with no job, at any pay, while our kids are electronically mainlined more one world garbage.

Let's support the teacher who refuses to teach their class the mentality of victim-hood ever again.

My ancestors are not some kind of multi-generational criminals which some will forever pay for while the ancestors of others will never escape from. It is 2016, not 1916. There is no cage but the one of your own making.

Let's support teachers who want to grab the school board and the administration by the neck, complete with their SPLC pro islam textbook, and toss them to the curb with the garbage.

Now lets talk real politics and money.

As long as we are so broke as to keep shoving over 100 elementary school kids into multi-grade catch all combo classes then there is plainly no money for raises.

As long as teachers and their union defend such educational malpractice by silent consent, or try to cover it over with controversy by supporting a uniform mandate, no raise is earned.

It is supposed to be about the kid's education, not protecting big government values held by a minority of teachers. We can not sit silent while these things continue. Speaking up is how we really support the kids. That is also how we support the teachers who have values worth teaching and the respect for family decision boundaries it is not their place to cross.

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