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Hormone Testing at Holistic Women and Families


Hormone Testing at Holistic Women and Families

As a functional medicine practitioner at Holistic Women and Families, located in Port Orange, we love Precision Analytical’s DUTCH test for hormone testing. DUTCH stands for dried urine test for comprehensive hormones. This test is replacing most of the saliva testing that we order for our patients. The information that can be gained from the metabolites in the urine is much more comprehensive than saliva. 

The test measures, cortisol, melatonin, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and DHEA. But it goes a step further and breaks down the testosterone and estrogens so that we can determine the pathways of detoxification, the type of estrogen and their ratios, and the pathways of testosterone. 

This information not only can be used to make proactive preventative health decisions, but it can also be invaluable in determining a health plan post breast and prostate cancer. Hormone imbalances can cause a cascade of health problems from monthly period symptoms, mood disorders, sluggish liver detoxification, cancer, and insomnia. 

For more information about the DUTCH test, and to schedule an appointment, please call 386-872-5757 or email us at   &


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Volusia teen to help lead Florida’s movement against tobacco

Ryan Helmes

Deltona High School student Ryan Helmes soon will take a seat at the leadership table to work against tobacco. Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT), Florida’s statewide youth-led movement to combat the tobacco industry, has named Helmes to a new Youth Advocacy Board at the state level. 

In his position, Helmes, 15, will incorporate skills developed through state and regional trainings into everyday management and facilitation of county-level SWAT activities. He has been a member of Deltona High School’s SWAT club since 2017. 

Helmes will represent Region 2, which includes 21 counties. He joins 15 other youth on the Board.

"I will make it my duty to ensure that the next generation is tobacco free,” Helmes said. “It starts with us.”

The Youth Advocacy Board works in collaboration with the Florida Department of Health’s Bureau of Tobacco Free Florida to help plan the SWAT organization’s direction and goals, and provide input on the state’s youth prevention efforts. Students work with county grantees to support initiatives that educate their peers about tobacco use, help protect youth from tobacco, and strengthen local policies, especially those that protect the public from secondhand smoke exposure. SWAT volunteers strive to empower, educate and equip Florida youth to revolt against Big Tobacco. The group is a movement of inspired youth working together to de-glamorize tobacco use. Its efforts aim to shape tobacco free norms, and make tobacco less desirable, less acceptable and less accessible.

Members of the SWAT Youth Advocacy Board will serve a term through June 30, 2019.

Disclosure: Some posts may contain links that compensate me. Please read the disclosure.