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Halifax Health – Hospice Resale Shop, Ormond Beach is having a Grand Opening


You are invited to Halifax Health – Hospice Resale Shop, Ormond Beach for their Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting next Thursday, June 29, 2017, from 4PM to 6PM. Come by and do some shopping, or if can’t make it they’re always accepting donations and if you have large furniture they will come pick it up for you. All the profits go back to their Care Centers and the many unfunded programs that are offered at Halifax Health – Hospice, so all goes back into the community. It’s an awesome cause!

Hangar15 in Daytona Beach - Birthday party overview by Maria!


(Review by Maria)

It’s your child’s birthday and what do they want? They want to JUMP! Where do you go? How does it work? I’m here to share it with you! We are going to head over to Hangar 15 for my son Jesse’s 12th birthday party! Let’s go!

Hangar 15 is located in Daytona Beach on Nova Road. Its 6,100 feet of jumping, bouncing, swinging, climbing, dodge balling fun! With 60 trampolines, a dodge ball area, foam pits, and so much more, this is the birthday party you want your kids to have! Besides, they will surely sleep good that night!

Scheduling the party:

Scheduling the party was so easy! I gave Hangar 15 a call and spoke to an associate on the phone who was very knowledgeable and had all the information I needed. Here is some of the information you need

  • Birthday packed include one hour of “flight” time, which basically means total jumping fun for an hour for all your party guests!
  • Use of a private party room for 1 hour and 45 min. So if the adults want to hang out in the party room where it’s a little more quite, they can! Then after your hour of jump time, you get 45 min to have cake, eat, open presents etc.
  • The birthday boy or girl gets a Hangar 15 T-shirt as a gift!
  • A party hostess to be at your beck and call!

Walking into the room everything was set up for me! Table cloths, plates, napkins, cups everything!

Keep in mind that Hangar 15 does not supply any food or drink for the party, but they have special deals set up with Pizza Hut and Hungry Howies so you can have pizza delivered which let’s be honest, is the easiest thing to do!

The Party host we had was Jay he was awesome! He helped us serve the kids, and was there for everything we needed including walking around the flight area making sure the kids were all good and having fun! When our pizza arrived a little late, he made sure the kids had some extra flight time rather than sitting in the party room bored waiting.

More fun info:

When you schedule the party you will receive an email with all the info you need for your party, including a PDF of the Waiver that needs to be signed for all your party guests. Keep in mind that it doesn't matter if your child was registered 6 weeks ago or 6 hours ago, the paper waiver must be given when you check your child in. This helps to make check in go a lot faster and your kids can get jumping!

You'll receive a phone call and an email reminder when it’s close to party time, and they are ready to help you every step of the way.

I have to say, I’m usually a host the party myself kind of mom and I was a little disappointed when my son wanted to go to Hanger 15 instead of having a pool party at home. I won’t get to set up a buffet of crazy fun themed foods, I won’t get to really decorate, I won’t get to clean the house before and after, I won’t get to make sure every little detail is perfect! But…. I won’t have to set up a buffet of crazy fun themed foods, I won’t have to really decorate, I won’t have to clean the house before and after, I won’t have to make sure every little detail is perfect! They do it all for me? I think I could get used to this. So when your child’s birthday comes around, tell them you scheduled a Hangar 15 party! You won’t be sorry!

For more information on Hangar 15 Parties, visit their website: