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Celebrate International Day of Yoga in Free Event - Ormond Beach


June 21, 2017 is the International Day of Yoga! You can take part in celebrating this by joining in on the fun that will take place in Ormond Beach. The event is being led by Dr. Madhu Parikh, who regularly teaches laughing yoga in Ormond Beach. Each year to celebrate the International Day of Yoga, he hosts a free event that takes place Rockefeller Gardens Park at 26 Riverside Drive in Ormond Beach. 

The event will feature many people participating in one big group laughing yoga session. It's free, open to the public, and there are two sessions being offered. The first one is at 6:30 am, and the second one is at 7:30 am. Those who wish to participate should bring a yoga mat and sunscreen. Participants will receive a free event t-shirt and water.

To reserve your spot in this event, send your name and phone number to: : info@keeplaughingyoga.net

You can learn more about Laughing Yoga at his website here.

Here's a video about last year's event: