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Food for Florida benefits for Volusia County - October 2017


The links are now open to apply for DSNAP/Food for Florida benefits in all 48 of the affected counties. It is best to apply online vs doing a paper application but the option is ultimately up to you. Please pre-register before going to your site.  Volusia County registration dates are October 4-8, 2017.

Side note: If you are currently a food assistance recipient this program is NOT for you. Again, do not pre-register or come to the site for assistance if you are currently receiving food assistance benefits. You will NOT qualify. Please allow staff time to assist those who actually need this assistance.

  • Food For Florida provides food assistance for individuals and families affected by a recent disaster, who are not receiving food stamp benefits in the regular Food Stamp Program.
  • To qualify for Food For Florida benefits, the household must:
    • live in a designated disaster county;
    • have food loss, damage to home or self-employment property, a delay, reduction, or loss of income due to the disaster, or have disaster-related expense;
    • have available assets and income less than the limits required for this program;
    • complete a Food For Florida application during the 5-day period, and
    • provide proof of identity.

Get more information and pre-register here.