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Recycling propane tanks in Volusia County


If you use these propane tanks for camping, grilling or for other purposes, please don't throw them in the trash when they are empty. They can and should be recycled. However, because they are considered hazardous waste, they can't go into your recycling bin. They usually have a trace amount of propane gas left in them and when they are compressed they can explode, creating a dangerous situation. They must be dropped off for recycling. Recycling the propane tanks is a free service, so you will into incur any charges.

In Volusia County, drop propane tanks off for recycling at either of these two places:

Tomoka Landfill
1990 Tomoka Farms Road
Port Orange

Volusia Transfer Station
located at 3151 E New York Ave

2017-2018 Volusia County Schools uniform policy information


Volusia County Schools will be continuing the uniform policy requirements for the 2017-2018 school year. Their website states: "​​​​The School Board of Volusia County adopted a student appearance, dress and uniform code for all elementary, middle and high school students, which will be continue in the 2017-18​ school year. "

Below you will find the school uniform information, including what is acceptable, shirt colors, acceptable bottoms, and a link to the frequently asked questions. School uniforms can be purchased at the store of your choice. There are many stores in the area that carry items that are acceptable and meet the dress code requirements for the Volusia County Schools uniform policy. District wide shirt colors are gray, white, and black. These uniform shirt colors are in addition to the individual school colors that have been chosen (see the list below for individual school colors).


School-uniform-colorsRead the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the uniforms here.