New Smyrna Beach Feed

Free Yard Sale - Everything Free - They have a ton of stuff! (2015)


This free yard sale takes place the last Saturday of each month in New Smyrna Beach. This one is on Saturday, August 29, 2015 from 9-11 am. Everything there is absolutely free! You do not have to qualify to get it or show anything. Just walk up, find what you need, and it's yours. No strings attached! They have a ton of things to give away, including clothes for the kids. So stop by and see if there's anything you need!


International Coastal Cleanup and River Cleanup (2015)


It's that time of the year again! Time for us to all sign up for the International Coastal Cleanup and River Cleanup!

This is a worldwide event that millions of people take part in. My family takes part in this event every year (even though we still pick up trash throughout the year, too). It's a great way to get kids out there helping to clean up the waterways and do something good for our environment. I highly recommend getting the whole family out to participate in this event. Even toddlers can help do this activity. It's something for the whole family and it's something our world needs done to help keep our waterways clean.

There are meet up locations for this all along the beaches in the Daytona Beach area, as well as there being numerous river cleanup locations. Do what you can, give back to your community, and help the environment on this day when millions around the world will come together for a common cause!

The International Coastal Cleanup and River Cleanup takes place on September 19, 2015 from 8-10:30 am. That doesn't mean you  have to be out there cleaning up that long. You can put in 30 minutes or you can put in two hours. That is totally up to you and your family! But you can do it anytime during those hours to participate through the registration. They will supply you with the trash bags and gloves, too.

You can see the meet up locations and get your family or group registered here

Look at how cute my daughter's toothless smile was when we participated in 2011! My how fast they grow...