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Get registered for Kids Bowl Free


It's that time of the year - time to get registered for Kids Bowl Free!

The Kids Bowl Free program is great and something that my family does every year. Your kids can get two free games of bowling each day, all summer long, when they are registered in the program. The program covers the free games, but not the shoe rental. You can either pay for the shoe rental each time you go, or do what we did, which was to buy some cheap bowling shoes for each of the kids, that they could take each time we go. We ordered them online, slightly big so that they could wear them two years in a row and then pass them down. Locally, the program looks to be only offered in Ormond Beach now, as well as in Palm Coast, and in Seminole County. Not only can get the kids get the free bowling, but when you register you can purchase a pass for adults to do it with them. We always buy the pass so that we can bowl with the kids. The passes for the adults are affordable and much cheaper than paying per game at the bowling alley.  Have fun bowling this summer! It's a great family activity on a hot summer day.

Register for the summer bowling program here.

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