Adopt a Shelter Pet this April 30th


Adopt a Shelter Pet

            National adopt a shelter pet day falls on April 30th! Everyone knows just how many sweet animals are in the shelters and the constant influx of pets they get every day. We also are aware of the unfortunate side a lot of shelters are faced with in being the day-to-day struggle of having to euthanize innocent animals due to lack of space and a constantly growing population in their shelter. When thinking about adding a new member to your family always consider the pets in the shelter first. These loving souls are all looking for a forever home and just need a chance and the right family to make that happen. Shelter dogs and cats make really great first time pets as well! They have all the love in the world to give because they have lived such a hard life. They just want a loving family they can give all of their love and attention to.

            Here at Atlantic Animal Hospitals we greatly encourage getting a shelter dog as you are helping save lives and making room for more. This link shares some great points as to why adopting is a great idea When choosing to shop for pets over adopting you are taking away that chance of a home for a sweet dog/cat that just wants love.We can also offer any and all care you may need to help make your shelter dog feel like the most loved pet ever all at an affordable price! Things like Trupanion pet insurance and our easy Wellness Payment Plans make health care easy and affordable for any family. Adopt a shelter pet this month and schedule an appointment with us at Atlantic Animals Hospitals, with offices in Ormond Beach and Port Orange. We can help get you on the right track to keeping your new furry companion healthy and living a long happy life with their new forever home.

So get out there today and start your search for the perfect shelter pet that will fit into your family!


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