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Dancing Avocado Kitchen in Daytona Beach Review


Yesterday, I met up with a group of lady business friends that I have been meeting up with monthly for a couple of years. We went to Dancing Avocado Kitchen, located on Beach Street in Daytona Beach. This was not even close to the first time I've eaten there, but I've never written a review on VCM about it, so I thought I would this time. I've written about the restaurant a few times on my vegetarian blog over the years.

I have went there numerous times to have such dishes as their tofu scramble for breakfast or their BBQ tofu sandwich for lunch. I've always liked the food there. The reason I don't go much is simply mileage. Living in Port Orange, it's not convenient to run over there for a quick lunch and then get back to my office to work. But I do like the restaurant when I can make it there.

Dancing Avocado Kitchen is a neat place because they bill themselves as a place where vegetarians and meat eaters alike can dine together. And they mean it! Rather than some places offering just a salad for the vegetarian in the group, or one vegetarian or vegan option, a vegetarian or vegan has a good selection of items to choose from on their menu. They no longer have the BBQ tofu sandwich I always liked, but they offer numerous other vegetarian and vegan options that were on their menu, as well as some specials that were being offered that day. There were plenty of vegetarian and meat options for everyone at the table.

I was torn between trying their vegan veggie burger or the vegan taco salad. I mean torn. I wanted both equally! I decided upon the vegan veggie burger. Other ladies in the group ordered a variety of dishes. Two of them ordered a chicken wrap (one had plantains with it) and one ordered steak tostadas (which she reported were delicious). I also ordered an unsweet iced tea (which was good). The veggie burger is a homemade vegan burger that is topped with a vegan bacon that they make there from eggplant. It was tasty, as was the nut cheese they topped the burger with. The burger was a bit too messy for me to pick it up, so I ate it with my fork and all was well. It was good, as were the potatoes that it was served up with. One person ordered the appetizer of tortilla chips and guacamole and I tried it. The guacamole was good.

The bill before tip was around $17, which is a bit pricey for lunch for one person, but I don't make it there often so I considered it a nice treat. Everyone else seemed to like their food as well.

I like the colorful atmosphere at the Dancing Avocado Kitchen, the service was good, and I enjoyed the food (as well as there being a good selection of vegetarian and vegan options). They have indoor and outdoor seating available, as well as some sauces, treats, and novelties for sale.

I'm looking forward to going back to try their vegan waffles that I saw on the menu that are only available until 11 am. Yum! Two thumbs up for the Dancing Avocado Kitchen in Daytona Beach!

 - Jacqueline





It's Not Yet Dark, by Simon Fitzmaurice - book review


As an avid reader, I am someone who loves non-fiction books. I love to learn something. Not that you can't learn something from fiction, but I am just drawn to non-fiction in both my writing career and in my reading. The vast majority of the reading I do is non-fiction of all kinds, including memoirs. 

Yesterday, I picked up "It's Not Yet Dark," by Simon Fitzmaurice off of my foot stool. It had been sitting there for a few days, since getting it in the mail. Once I picked it up, it was difficult to put down. I was immediately drawn in and had to force myself to stop reading to do other things, such as work, sleep, etc. So within 24 hours of being able to read it at every chance presented to me, I have finished it. And I must say that it is a great book!

Fitzmaurice is a writer and movie director who is diagnosed as having ALS, also called Lou Gehrig's disease. He takes you on the journey of his life before being diagnosed, through diagnoses, and through his challenges and decision to keep living, despite the disease he has. Faced with the choice of living or dying, because of having ALS, he chooses to live. In doing so, he sees life as we all should. He never takes a day or another year for granted. He is grateful for every day and year he gets, and he is able to put his focus on the things in life that really matter and make him happy.

I love the author's writing style, which is to the point, thought provoking, and beautiful. I highly recommend this book, which is a quick read, yet filled with valuable insight that will make you grateful for every breath you get, and helps shed life on some of the battles others live through.

Two thumbs up for "It's Not Yet Dark," by Simon Fitzmaurice!