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Finding affordable Christmas gifts for the kids at Goodwill @goodwillcfl


I hear from many parents who say that they are having trouble being able to purchase gifts for their children, because money is tight. The good news is that you don't have to have a lot money to buy some great gifts for them! I stopped into Goodwill in Port Orange yesterday to see what types of gifts you can get your kids that are all under $10. And there are a lot of them! Many items are gently used and many look brand new. There are even some things there that are new with the tags on them. 

If you need affordable Christmas gifts, stop into Goodwill. I took these pictures at the Port Orange location, but I'm sure you will find similar deals at the other local stores, including in Edgewater, Holly Hill, DeLand, and Orange City. In addition to all of the great affordable gift options they have, they also have lots of Christmas decorations if you are in need of them and want to score some great deals. 

You can find a lot of clothing that you can get at great prices, as well as toys, books, movies, bikes, and odds and ends. Whether you are wanting to purchase some affordable gifts for your own kids, or for others in need, this is a great way to get more for your money. Plus, it's good for the environment!

Don't be concerned about purchasing used items to give as gifts. Take the toys home, wipe them down if they need it, and on wrap them up or set them on Christmas morning. Kids love the gift, not the tag on it. Shopping Goodwill is a great way to get your kids some affordable and unique gifts. There are also plenty of great options for adults, including clothing, jewelry, furniture, knick knacks, books, movies, and more. Many unique treasures! And if you have items to get rid of, you can donate them here as well. The Port Orange location has a convenient drive-up donation center on the side of the building.

Here are some of the great Christmas gift ideas you can get right at Goodwill:

For just a couple of bucks each, you can choose from lots of movies!


Load up on children's books for only 59 cents each!


Goodwill has numerous aisles of odds and ends where you can find great options like this, a wall plaque!


There are lots of affordable toy options!






Le Macaron French Pastries in Port Orange Review


A while ago I saw that Le Macaron French Pastries opened up in the Pavilion at Port Orange (where Fireside Pizza used to be located). Since then, I have made two attempts to go there to try them, only to find that both times I couldn't get inside, despite it being within their posted business hours. Today was my third attempt at getting in, and I so I did!

This was honestly going to be my last attempt at trying to get inside (three strikes you are out kind of thing). But the door did open. The first thing I notice is how nice the place looks. It really is decorated very nicely. I love the color scheme, the layout, and what all is in there. It looks very nice and inviting. Along with some outdoor tables, there are indoor tables, a couch area, and even a little table for kids to sit and color at. Very nice!

There is a case that has a wide variety of macaron's to try, as well as some other French pastries, and a gelato case with a variety of flavors. I had been wanting to try one of the macaron's, so I spent a few minutes checking out the flavors and deciding which one to get. I ended up buying four of them (one for me, one for each child, and one for my husband). I got the Belgian chocolate one, both kids wanted the vanilla mint, and I got my husband a key lime one. I have to be honest in saying that they are very small (it was literally gone in two bites), and they are pricey! With tax it was around $2.50 for each one. My bill for four of them came to $9.80. 

I thought it was good, as did my husband and daughter, although my son didn't like it at all. He ended up giving his other bite to his sister, who quickly finished it off. 

While I liked the taste of the pastry, I honestly wouldn't buy very often, because at $1.25 per bite it's just more than I care to spend (especially if the kids are in tow). However, they would make for a nice unique gift for someone (they do have nice boxes available), or it may be nice for a couple of moms to meet up there for a special dessert and chat. It's a nice very once-in-a-while splurge because of the price and size of the pastry. 

They have gluten free items and some fancy desserts, too. In inquired, and the macaron's are made in Sarasota, while the fancy desserts are made there in the shop. Two thumbs up for the way this place looks and the wide variety of options, but I can't see myself stopping in often (and wonder how often the door would open if I did). 

- Jacqueline 

Here are some pictures from my stop at Le Macaron French Pastries in Port Orange: