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My 2.5 year running anniversary!

Jacqueline Bodnar - trail running!


Today is my 2.5 year running anniversary! It was on December 19, 2015 that I took up running. Well, I should revise that and say that I took up running and actually stuck with it. I had wanted to be a runner for a long, long time. But I just never stuck with it!

Back when I was 20, in my first semester of college I took a class called "jogging." It was a requirement to take a physical education class, and I wanted to be a runner, so I took the jogging class. I had a whole semester of running and enjoyed it. I learned all about it in the classroom and then we did it outside of there. But this was in Michigan, so when the class was over and the winter moved in I didn't stick with it. But the desire to be a runner never subsided. 

Over the years I had tried numerous times to get a running program started. I started and stopped the Couch to 5K prog Runningram over and over. I hate that program and find it very discouraging, but that's beside the point. My husband had been a runner for years, and then in December 2015 he offered to "coach" me to become a runner. Bam! We started right away and I've been at it ever since. In the last 2.5 year I've done 384 runs. I have only missed two runs in that time, and they were due to non-running related leg injuries (they were from bike riding incidents). I'm disciplined in that I run three days per week, every week. 

Becoming a runner has been life changing for me. I have gradually dropped 45 pounds, become leaner and stronger, and my
resting heart rate went from between 90-100 to being between 60-70. I feel better than I have in many, many years. I feel strong, confident, and able to take on more challenges. It's been great for my body, my health, and my mental health.

Living in the Daytona Beach area, or anywhere in Florida, we are blessed with weather that allows us to run all year long. It's great! Yes, it's more challenging to run in the heat and humidity of Florida summers, but if you stick with it then come fall you are a better running. The challenge of sticking with it over the summer makes you a stronger runner in the long run!

- Jacqueline Bodnar

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My Palm Bluff Trail Race experience, running water bottles


As many of my regular readers know, I became a runner a couple of years ago. In fact, next month will be 2.5 years that I have been consistently running three days per week. Well, yesterday I did my longest run ever!

Months ago my husband talked me into signing up for the Palm Bluff Trail Race that takes place here in Volusia County. He did the half marathon there last year and he thought I was ready to take on the 7-mile run they offer. I signed up and eagerly waited for the date to arrive. Yesterday was it! 

I love trail runs. I guess it's the hiker in me. A trail run is like going on a fast-paced hike. I get to be in nature and find the whole experience enjoyable. The course was challenging, as most trail runs are, because of the terrain. You have to be mindful in watching for roots, trees, etc. Plus, a lot of the course is not shaded, and it was quite warm out, so you get a lot of sun as you make your way along the course. Every time I came to some shade I really loved it! There was also a stream that we had to wade across, around mile five, and it felt really refreshing.

One of the things I love about the company that put this race on is that they strive to be environmentally friendly. They made it a cup-less race, which is awesome. I always cringe at all the waste at these races. You take a your own water bottle and just re-fill at the water stations. Personally, I do that for every run I do anyway. I use a Nathan QuickShot and my husband uses the Nathan SpeedDraw. The only difference in the two is the size. I like a smaller one, because it's easier for me to carry, and he likes a larger runner water bottle. They have been designed to be easy to carry in your hand, because of the sleeve, and it also has a pocket. When you come to a water station you can just quickly get a re-fill and be on your way.

Two thumbs up for the Palm Bluff Trail Race! It ended up being over 7 miles (my Garmin showed it was 7.59), and my husband is already trying to talk me into running a half marathon in the fall. Plus, as another bonus, this week I hit the 45-pounds lost mark. I've gradually lost 45 pounds since I began running. It's been good for me!

- Jacqueline

Disclosure: Some posts may contain links that compensate me. Please read the disclosure.