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Visiting Big Tree Park in Seminole County

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UPDATE: This tree was burned down by a drug-addicted arsonist. You can read about it in the news here. It's terribly sad that this happened. It was an amazing tree and is now gone for no good reason. However you can still visit the park to see the 2,000 year old tree that is still there. I'm so glad that we had visited that tree before it was selfishly burned down... but it's sad that others won't have that same opportunity.


Did you know that there is a 3,500 year old bald cypress tree located in SeminoleBig tree 061
County? It's actually the largest cypress tree in the country! A few steps away there is also a 2,000 year old one. If you haven't went there to see it yet, make the short trip to show the kids these amazing trees!

The massive and ancient bald cypress trees are located in Big Tree Park. Just set your GPS for 761 General Hutchinson Pkwy in Longwood, Florida, and you will find yourself there in about 40 minutes or so. Well worth the drive!

Once you arrive, there is a short boardwalk you take back to see both trees. Be sure to take a camera, these are a couple of trees you will want to snap some photos of. I'm a treehuger, but even if you are not, you will likely agree that it's quite amazing!

You can find more information about Big Tree Park here.

Big tree 057

Big tree 052

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