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Lowe's Build and Grow Workshops

 Does your child like to build things? If so, have you checked out the Lowe's Build and Grow Workshops? If not, now is the time to!

The Lowe's Build and Grow Workshops are offered a couple of Saturday mornings per month and they are completely free. Kids can attend, with their parent, and build something to take home. One week it might be a bird house and another a truck. But they get to learn how to build things and it's a great way to get them actively engaged in a project.

The details vary each month about what is being built. You can visit the site here to get more information each month and sign up for the workshop.

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Parents Morning Out Offered at Venetian Bay in New Smyrna Beach

Need a few hours in the morning to run some errands or make an appointment? If you want to do itErrands  
childfree, this is your opportunity!

A Parents Morning Out is offered each Monday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Venetian Bay. Children must bring their own packed lunch and be potty trained. While you run your errands, your child will get a chance to have a playdate with other children their age.

This is open to children in Port Orange and New Smyrna Beach. The fee is $6 per child, $9 if you have two children, and $12 if you have three or more children. What a bargain!

For more information click here.

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