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Perry's Ocean Edge Resort Review - Daytona Beach, Florida

August 23, 2012 - UPDATE... While we had this wonderful time last year, that I describe below, that won't happen again this year. I tried to book Perry's to have the same little party there this year, as we did last year, and they will not allow it. I got a very rude message from the reservation person there, and then spoke to her, who said they are under new management and will no longer under any circumstances allow parties like this. If you want a pool party that is not at a hotel, contact the YMCA. The Port Orange location offers swimming pool parties and it's quite affordable.


My daughter turned 7 this week. A couple of months ago when I asked her what type of party she wanted to have she said a swimming pool party. Well, we don't have a pool. So I wondered how I was going to pull that off. Low and behold, a friend told me she had been to a swimming pool party held at Perry's Ocean Edge Resort in Daytona Beach. So, I decided to try to pull off the same!

When I made the reservation I called to inquire whether or not I could have a little kid's birthday party at the pool and I was told it would be no problem. So we booked a room and set the day! We rented a night in what they call their "kid's suite," which is a large room that has a queen bed, couch, mini-kitchen, and a kid's room (and a great ocean view). My kids LOVED the kid's room. It was decorated in a dolphin theme, had bunk beds, their own table and chairs, tv, and wonderful view of the ocean. They were in heaven and spent hours playing in there that evening, following the party.

Perry's Ocean Ege Resort has three pools (2 outdoor and one indoor, as well as a hot tub). One of the outdoor pools is big and goes almost 9 feet deep. They also have a kiddie pool for the toddlers (it's great!). Outside they have loads of tables and chairs on the grounds, BBQ grills, bocce, and they even offer a daily list of activities. On the second floor they make their own fresh donuts each day, so you can stop in for a free breakfast.

We chose to have the party at the indoor pool to be out of the sun. It is a nice size space and the pool is plenty big enough, and there is a hot tub. They were wonderful about the pool party we were throwing! The maintenance man set up tables and chairs for us, making it even better than I had planned (I thought I would need to use what was around the pool at the time). The kids came and swam, ate pizza that we had delivered, ate cake, opened presents, partied, and had an awesome time. We were all very pleased with how well the party went and how awesome everyone at Perry's Ocean Edge Resort was. Two thumbs way up!

Not only did we really like the hotel (the kid's suite was awesome and we had a great ocean view, as well as we were able to just walk down to the beach to take a lovely evening stroll), but being able to have the pool party there put a huge smile on my kid's face. I was really impressed with Perry's and will be back again!

Here's some pictures of the pool party set-up and room:

Kayla's party 003 

Kayla's party 005 

Kayla's party 006 

Kayla's party 009 

Kayla's party 077 

Kayla's party 074 

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