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Start a Home Business with the Florida Cottage Food Law

Are you great at making wedding or birthday cakes? Do you have a salsa recipe that everyone loves? Pie
Have you ever thought about making a home-based business out of your secret recipes or star dish? Now is the time!

In 2011, the Florida legislature approved Cottage Food Legislation, which allows people to make and sell certain food items from their home. This is great, because before this law you would have to rent a commercial kitchen in order to make and sell food items to the public. 

There are some restrictions on what can and can't be made, how things need to be made, and how much you can make per year doing this, but you can read all the details here. There are many people who are dusting off their famous family recipes and are creating little home-based businesses with their goods. And don't worry about it growing, that's a good thing. Starting it at home helps keep expenses down, and once the business is making over $15,000 per year,  you can look at expansion possibilities.

Just think of the possibilities... cakes, pies, breads, jellies, pasta, and more. Put your thinking caps on, get cooking, and earn some extra money while at home! The Florida Cottage Food Law provides a wonderful opportunity for moms to work from home.

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