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Socks for Smiles (project by my 11-year-old) - Donate some socks?

Socks for Smiles (project by my 11-year-old)
by: Rachael Moshman
My husband and I adopted our daughter from the foster care system in 2010. She was nine at the time Silly socks
and had been bouncing around foster homes and group facilities since her parents surrendered their rights when she was four.   We were her twelfth placement and are grateful to be the last.

 Like most foster or adopted children, she struggles with many issues caused by the trauma she endured before we found our way to her. Children simply don’t enter foster care without a great deal of pain and loss happening to them. She is working hard to heal and is passionate about helping other kids with similar backgrounds. 

Thus Socks for Smiles was born! 

I’ll let her tell you about it in her own words. 

“I am eleven-years-old and have a goal to collect colorful socks and other personal items, such as underwear, for foster kids. I was in foster care for five years. I was mostly given plain white socks to wear. I hated those socks! The other kids had colorful socks with fun designs and cartoon characters. It was another way I felt different. I haven't worn white socks at all since I was adopted in 2010! Now I want to help other kids feel special too. Socks may seem like a small thing, but it's sometimes the little things that mean a lot to a kid.”

We started this project by posting her thoughts on my personal Facebook page.  The word spread like wildfire. Within 24 hours, enough money had been donated via Pay Pal to buy over 200 pairs of socks. 

Here are some ways to help:

  • ·         Donate colorful socks to distribute directly to a foster care advocacy group in your area.
  • ·         Mail socks to:  Socks for Smiles, PO Box 651537, Vero Beach, FL 32965
  • ·         Send Pay Pal donations to
  • ·         Like us on Facebook ( )
  • ·         Spread the word!

This project is healing some of my daughter’s hurt.  She shines with pride and falls asleep with a smile on her face. Her goal is to collect 3,000 pairs of colorful socks to brighten up the day for a whole lot of foster children. 

Visit or email for more information.

 About me:  Rachael Moshman is a mother, freelance writer, blogger, educator and advocate.  Find her


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