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Gemini Springs Park Located in DeBary

Spruce Creek Park in Port Orange

There are so many great parks in Volusia County! I have visited many of them and plan to put some posts up with pictures from the park, just so you can see what's out there. Then, plan to take the kids to the park and have some fun!

Spruce Creek Park is located at 6250 Ridgewood Ave. in Port Orange. The park is located at Rose Bay and there are nice walks that you can take back to overlook the marsh. The walks are short enough that little kids can also participate. The park also has a children's playground, picnic areas, and a conoe launch.

Here's some pictures of Spruce Creek Park in Port Orange:

Spruce creek park 004

Spruce creek park 003

Spruce creek park 007

Vegan bbq 086

Spruce creek park 001

Vegan bbq 048

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