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Wesh 2 News Tapes Segment at Port Orange YMCA (Ryan Lochte connection)

As you probably know already, Ryan Lochte (the professional world-class swimmer) is from Port Orange. He used to swim at the Port Orange YMCA, too! Because of this, and him winning the gold today in the Olympics, Wesh 2 News did a segment at the Port Orange YMCA. The segment focused on the swim league, which is something he used to be a part of.

Congratulations to Ryan Lochte on his 2012 Olympic successes!

The kids got to do swim drills as the cameras rolled and interviews took place. Here are some pictures from this evening's event (my daughter, who is on the swim leauge, is pictured below at the event):

Wesh2 039

Wesh2 049

Wesh2 052

Wesh2 045

Wesh2 065

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