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Reptile Discovery Center, Located in DeLand, Florida

Looking for an interesting place to take the kids? Tired of the same old thing? Check out the Reptile Discovery Center, located in DeLand, Florida. The Reptile Discover Center is fun, educational, and interesting all at the same time.

We went today, as part of my nature group, and had a great time. The kids loved it! The reason we went because my son went with a friend, back when they had a Groupon a couple of months ago. They invited him to go, he did, and came home telling me how much he loved it and wanted to go back. I made arrangements for our group to attend (you can get an admission discount if you have a group of at least 10 or more). 

We arrived and got to check out the snakes and turtles that were in the acquariums, then we went on a short guided nature walk. Along the walk you are introduced to alligators, turtles, and a variety of other animals. There is plenty to see and the kids even get to touch some of the animals. Once we were done that we went back inside for the main attraction... the milking of the snakes!

What an interesting segment that was! They milk the sakes for venom, which is in turn used to create antivenom that is used to save people's lives if they get bitten by a venomous snake. Very interesting stuff! I was amazined at how the people handled the snakes, completely fearless, and got venom from each of them. 

Two thumbs up for the Reptile Discovery Center in DeLand. It's a great place to take the kids to. They will get to see a variety of animals, get out in nature, and will learn as well. Very nice people running the place, as well as very knowlegeable. Along with individual visits, you can arrange group visits, as well as birthday parties. You can learn more about the Reptile Discovery Center here.

Here are some pictures I took there today:

Reptile center 008

Reptile center 017

Reptile center 075

Reptile center 115

Reptile center 144

Reptile center 147

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