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Marine Science Center Nature Trail - Ponce Inlet

Many people in the area re familiar with the Marine Science Center, located in Ponce Inlet. It is a great place to take the kids! But not many people are as familar with the short nature trail that is across the street from the Marine Science Center. If you haven't taken the short nature trail that is located across the street, put it on your to-do list!

When you are at the Marine Science Center you will find the short nature trail right across the street. There are even a few parking spaces there and you should see a sign that says it is the nature trail. Follow it all the way back to a the observation tower. The trail has a cement path that leads to a boardwalk. You can take the boardwalk back to the observation deck. From the top you can feel the great breeze and see great views in all directions. Notice the purple beautyberries when they are in bloom (so pretty)! The trail and boardwalk are wheelchair and stroller accessible, although the observation tower is not. Even if you can't make it up the tower it is still a nice walk to take.

One your way back from the observation tower the nature trail splits. Take the opposite one that you went there on. Both lead back to the road by where you started, but you will get a new view. It is free to take the trail and you don't have to be visiting the science center at the same time. You can just park there and take the trail for free. Enjoy!

Here are some pictures from the nature trail at the Marine Science Center:

Beach 067

Beach 066

Beach 080

Beach 084

Ponce_Preserve 130

Ponce_Preserve 132

Ponce_Preserve 131

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