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Things for Teens to do in Daytona Beach area and throughout Volusia County


I hear people from time to time tell me that their teens are always bored and there is nothing for them to do. Nonsense! The Daytona Beach area is filled with things for teens to do! If your teens are sitting around bored it's a choice that they are making. We create our own opportunities, experiences, and fun. They just need to get motivated to do something (that's where parents come in).

If after reading this list below you still say there is nothing for teens to do in the Daytona Beach area then I would say you have bigger problems on your hands. Perhaps you haven't done enough to get your teens motivated, inspired, and proactive. But it's not too late to get started now!

Here is a list of things that teens can do in Daytona Beach:

  • Volunteer. While this may not be something for tourists to do while they are here, teens who live in the area can start volunteering. There are plenty of organizations around that need volunteers. Teens will learn skills, give back to their community, be involved in something meaningful, and believe me, this will help overcome any boredom. Consider volunteering at local nature centers, food pantry's, or places that interest them. You can find plenty of volunteer opportunities on VolunteerMatch.com.
  • Get a job. Sure, jobs may be a little tougher to come by these days, but for the teen who is bored there is hope. They can apply for the positions they can find that are open, and they can create their own employment. There are plenty of services that teens can offer by working for themselves, including dog sitting/walking, babysitting, landscaping, window cleaning, car detailing, social media management, errand services, house cleaning services, etc. Everyone has a talent or skill that they can put to use earning money.
  • Ice skating. We have an ice skating rink here in Daytona Beach! And it's great! The Daytona Ice Arena has special types of events all the time. It's a great place for teens to go to chill out.
  • Library programs. Many people wrongly assume that library programs for teens are boring. Not so, you get out of it what you put into it! The library's in this area have programs geared toward teens that include video gaming, movies, and other topics that interest them. This gives them a chance to meet up with other teens and have some fun. Check the library calendar of events here.
  • Museums. We have plenty of museums in the Daytona Beach area for your teen to check out. Start visiting one museum per week. There are museums in Daytona Beach, DeLand, and throughout other areas of Volusia County.
  • Nature centers. We have some wonderful nature centers in the Daytona Beach area, including the Marine Science Center, the Marine Discovery Center, and Lyonia Environmental Center. These places offer great self tours, special classes, guest speakers, and more. Great places to check out! They also offer great volunteer opportunities.
  • Bowling. What teen doesn't like bowling? Whether they do it for fun or they get on a league there are plenty of opportunities in the area. Here is a list of places to bowl in the Daytona Beach area.
  • Sports. Perhaps your teen has a sport that they like or would like to try. There are plenty of opportunities available. Contact the local parks and recreation departments for when the next season of their favorite sport starts. Also, there are things like karate, gymnastics, dancing, etc. Get your teens involved in something that interest them.
  • Swimming. Don't have a pool? No problem! The local YMCA's have great pools that are available all year round. Get a membership to the YMCA and start using their pool. Think you can't afford the membership? Call the YMCA and discuss the issue. They offer reduced rates for those who are on a more limited income. 
  • Golf. Whether it is miniature golf or regular golf there are is plenty of it around.
  • Tennis. There are tennis courts all over the place. They can teach themselves to play or take lessons. Get a group of teens together to play once or twice per week.
  • Beach. Who can ever get bored of going to the beach? Sure it rains in the summer in Florida, but most of the time it is in the late afternoon, giving you plenty of time in the morning and evening to hit the beach. Relax, take a walk, swim, play games, picnic, etc.
  • Nature hikes. If your teen doesn't like hiking it's probably because you didn't introduce them to it when they were younger. But it's not too late! Being out in nature comes with a host of benefits for people of all ages. They may mumble and grumble the first couple of times, but there is a darn good chance they will end up liking it once they are out there. You can't be mad out in nature, it just can't happen! There are some wonderful places to take nature hikes in the area, including Lake Ashby Park, DeLeon Springs, Gemini Springs, Hontoon Island, Ponce Preserve Park, Green Springs Park, Blue Spring State Park (and you can visit the manatees during the winter months) and Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge. All the nature walks at these places are well marked, easy to follow, and provide a wonderful experience for people of all ages.
  • Go-Karts. Your teen can ride go-karts at places like Go-Kart City and Speed Park Motorsports.
  • Boat rides. There are plenty of great places in the area to take an eco-boat ride, including Blue Spring State ParkCracker CreekMarine Discovery Center,DeLeon Springs, and through A Tiny Cruise Line. Sometimes you can find deals for these on Groupon.
  • Kayak or canoe. We have so many amazing places to go kayaking or canoeing. If you have your own kayak or canoe, great, you can launch from many places. But you can also rent them for the family at several places in the county, including at Cracker CreekMarine Discovery CenterHontoon Island, and Tomoka State Park.
  • Baseball games. Daytona Beach has a nice ball park and your teen will likely have a lot of fun watching a Daytona Cubs game.
  • Speedway. Teens can take a tour of the Daytona International Speedway. There is also the New Smyrna Speedway to check out.
  • Photography and hobbies. The Southeast Museum of Photography, located at Daytona State College, offers classes where your teen can learn photography. They can also take classes at The Hub. Find out what they are interested in or want to learn more about and find some classes in those areas.
  • Swim the springs. During the summer months you can go swimming at some of the local springs, such as Blue Spring State Park, and DeLeon Springs
  • Go camping. There are plenty of great places to camp in the Volusia County area. Check out the great camping at Hontoon Island.
  • Surfing. Your teen can take surf lessons at Jimmy Lane Surf Academy,Surfin' NSBPure Life Surf SchoolErin Peeples Surf SchoolDaytona Beach Surfing Lessons, and Daytona Beach Surfing School.
  • Stand up paddleboarding. This has become a popular activity that teens can do. Local places offering this include New Smyrna Stand Up, Daytona Paddle BoardPaddleboard New SmyrnaPonce Inlet Watersports, and Three Brother's Boards.
  • Daytona Lagoon. This is a great place for all ages. Anyone can find some fun at this place. You can save money by going on Family Night (Wednesday's). In addition to the waterpark they also have an arcade and games.
  • Movies. Yes, we have some great theaters, so take in a movie! We also have some great live theaters, so they can even take in a play. These include The Little Theater of New Smyrna Beach and the Daytona Playhouse. Don't assume your teen won't like live theater. Give them the experience so they can find out if they like it. And hey, maybe they will be inspired to audition to be in those plays. Check out Cinematique, located in Daytona Beach. It is so neat to go see a movie there! They have more indie type movies, it's a relaxed atmosphere, and they have special events like stand up comedians. There is also the Peabody Auditorium, where many events are held throughout the year.
  • Visit the lighthouse. Everyone loves to check out the lighthouse and climb all those stairs to the amazing view from the top. The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse is affordable and fun.
  • Skate away. Yes, we have skating here as well. There is Skate City, as well as skate parks.
  • Bounce. They can go to Sky Zone or Hangar 15 and have some fun bouncing or playing dodge ball. 
  • Other things. There are plenty of touristy things for teens to do in Daytona Beach as well, including the Boardwalk. There are also horses ranches to visit, such as Marcody Ranch. There is also the opportunity to go ziplining, rent a jet ski, and learn how to sail.
  • Cosmic bowling. Bellair Lanes offers cosmic bowling on Friday and Saturday nights. You can also go bowling at Ormond Lanes and Sunshine Bowling in DeLand.
  • Have a beach bonfire. Whether using your own fire pit or a county firering, you can have a bonfire on the beach when it's not turtle nesting season.
  • Karaoke. Numerous places off karaoke nights, including Ocean Deck, Ormond Lanes, and Mulligan's in Port Orange. Whether you sing or just watch others, it's a fun night.
  • Create your own fun. There are so many ways for teens to find things to do. How about start a book club, writer's club, nature club, video game club, whatever-they-are-into-club, do some baking, take a cooking class, find a group of interest on Meetup.com, and get creative! 

Teens in Daytona Beach have a lot of options, especially if they want to get outside into nature. We are surrounded by beautiful options, including beaches, rivers, lakes, trails, and natural areas. No matter what their interest is in there are things they can do! And get your teens into reading. As long as their are books there should never be boredom! They hold the opportunities to explore, learn, grow, discover, imagine, and so much more!

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