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2013 Family Days Streetpainting - Sidewalk Chalk Art

Farmers_market 074
(Above: This one was done by my daughter and her friend in our driveway)

I'm not one that likes to go to fairs and festivals. There, I said it... no virtual daggers, please! There are a few that I go to every year, but for the most part I will avoid them if I can get away with it (I mean save the money that is spent in no time at them). My favorite part of the Family Days celebration that takes place each year in Port Orange happens to be the sidewalk chalk art, otherwise known as streetpainting.

Each year I go just to see that (but I tend to go after the event is over to avoid the crowd and allure to spend a bunch of money). Anyway, I stopped down there last night to check out the art. I should have went earlier, as much of it has already washed away, but I was able to see some good displays still left. Love these works of art each year - good stuff!

Farmers_market 079

Farmers_market 080

Farmers_market 081

Farmers_market 082

Farmers_market 083

Farmers_market 084

Farmers_market 085

Farmers_market 086

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