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Heart Island Conservation Area in Barberville, Volusia County

My husband and I spent the morning out at Heart Island Conservation Area today. It's a nice place that offers hiking, biking, and you can drive your vehicle back there. They do offer primitive camping as well. There are no entrance fees.

Heart Island Conservation Area is made up of over 14,000 acres of land and is located just southeast of Lake George, in Volusia County. While there we saw people from the timber industry cutting down sections of trees. Sad as it may be, they are a renewable and sustainable resource that are used in so many products that we all use on a daily basis (see list of items here). The trees are planted there for that purpose and we just so happen to catch some being cut down while we were there. The trees were being cut in one area, the rest was stil standing tall (for now).

I did not see any picnic tables there, but you could always take a blanket and put it down to enjoy a picnic lunch. You can learn more about Heart Island Conservation Area here. Here are some pictures from today's time spent there:

Heart_island_conservation 274

Heart_island_conservation 275

Heart_island_conservation 278

Heart_island_conservation 283

Heart_island_conservation 286

Heart_island_conservation 296

Heart_island_conservation 305

Heart_island_conservation 312

Heart_island_conservation 317

Heart_island_conservation 285

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