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Visiting the Florida State Capital Building

I moved to Florida around seven years ago. That was around the same time one of my sisters moved to Tallahassee (from Michigan). Every year we go over there to visit her and I always want to take a tour of the state capital building. Finally, on our trip this time for Christmas, we took a tour of the Florida state capital building!

We went through the historic building, as well as the new building. The historic building is wonderful! It is beautiful inside, offers a lot of information and historical facts, and is a great tour. I love all the beautiful live oak trees outside of it as well. The new building is not quite as impressive of a tour as the historical one, but still worth going. They have a nice observation floor that gives you a bird's eye view of the city, a look at the Senate and House floors, and you can visit some of the offices. We made sure to take the kids to the governor's office.

Overall, it's a good thing to do if you will be in the area. It's free to take the tours, although you will probably have to pay a few dollars for parking outside. There is also a cafeteria in the new building if you wanted to stay for lunch. 

Here are some pictures from our tour this week of the Florida state capital buildings, both the historic one and the new one (the picture of the kids on the couch is them in Governor Rick Scott's office):

Tallahassee 052

Tallahassee 053

Tallahassee 054

Tallahassee 057

Tallahassee 065

Tallahassee 082

Tallahassee 086

Tallahassee 103

Tallahassee 119

Tallahassee 117

Tallahassee 109

Tallahassee 115

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