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Great Local Places for a Family Hike and Picnic in Volusia County and Surrounding Areas


Page last updated: January 2021

Want to get the family outside for a nice hike and picnic? Here are some great local places to do just that! Keep in mind hiking season in Florida runs from October through April. October is often still a bit too warm and buggy though, with November bringing in the more ideal hiking weather. If you hike outside of those months, you will likely not enjoy hiking as much. It will be too warm and there will be loads of bugs (many mosquitoes, horse flies, etc).  If you do plan to hike in the summer/warmer months try to get out on the trail early in the morning or later in the evening, take bug repellent along, plenty of water, and wear sun screen and a hat. The cooler months are the best for hiking in this state. Hiking in the cooler months you shouldn't have problems with bugs and the temperature will be comfortable. Outside of these months, hit up the springs!

Hiking trails in Volusia County:

Hiking trails outside of Volusia County, but within around an hour away (depending on where you are in Volusia County):

We have so many wonderful places in this area to take a hike and have a picnic. This is just some of the places in the area you could go. There are others in Volusia County, as well as just a short drive outside of it. Get your family outdoors and check some of these places out. You won't be disappointed!

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