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Family Camping at Camp Chowenwaw Park in Green Cove Springs, Florida

This weekend my family went camping at Camp Chowenwaw, located in Green Cove Springs, Florida. We had a great time! This is a wonderful campgrounds to take the family to. There are many different camping options, including ones that will accommodate groups. You can tent camp, treehouse camp, or rent one of their cabins. Most of the cabins offer a centrally located restroom and kitchen. We wanted to rent a treehouse, but they were all booked far in advance. We rented the Muscogee cabin and it was great!

The cabin sleeps four and has everything you need, even though it's rustic. It has a small kitchen, with fridge, stove, and sink. It also has a bathroom with a shower, and one big bed and one set of bunk beds. The shutters open all the way around the cabin, giving you a complete view of nature all around as you lay in bed. It was awesome! We laid there and watched the firefiles at night. There were so many of them! By morning we were awoke to the sounds of active birds and laid there looking at the beautiful woods. The campsite is right on the banks of the St. John's River. If you have a canoe you can also take that and launch it right on site. 

There are three hikes you can take. While they are not long, they are great for kids and they offer so much to see! They take you right over a swamp, with a boardwalk trail, offering you a wonderful view of so much life. We saw snakes, racoons, skinks, millipedes, and so much more! Loads of life all around, including greenery, wildflowers, insects, etc.

There is a pool on site at the campground. We missed it's opening by one week. If you want to use it be sure that you camp when it's open. The cabin had its own bonfire area and picnic table. If you go, be sure to take your own firewood. We got lucky and we were able to get some from the park ranger, but from what we were told it's rare that they have some to provide. So take some to be on the safe side. They didn't know of anywhere in the area you could go to pick some up, either.

We also took a ride over to Green Cove Spring. It's a natural spring that feeds a public swimming pool. That's pretty neat! We also missed the opening of that by a week, so we couldn't swim there. But it was nice to see. 

The cabin rental was around $35 per night. All-in-all, we had a great time. There were only two disappointments: one, that I wish we would have waited one week to have the option to use the pool. The second is that we tried to locate to geocaching sites and although we navigated to the locations and there were four of us in our party, we were unable to locate the treasure. 

The campsite also offers a nice children's playground, tetherball, volleyball area (take a ball to play), and an on-site small Girl Sc0ut museum. The boardwalk trails are accessible by stroller. But the non-boardwalk trails are not. But there are two short boardwalk trails that are loaded with things to see!

We do want to go back and stay in the treehouses. They seem very cool! Note, however, that there is not a firepit area for each treehouse. The treehouse cabins do share firepit areas.

You can find out more about Camp Chowenwaw Park in Green Cove Springs here. Here are pictures from our weekend there:

Camping_trip 202

Camping_trip 203


(above: The Muscogee camp area)

Camping_trip 234

(above: The Muscogee, which is the cabin we rented)

Camping_trip 204

Camping_trip 205

Camping_trip 207

Camping_trip 212

Camping_trip 209

Camping_trip 216

Camping_trip 227

Camping_trip 236

Camping_trip 256

(above: Treehouse cabin you can rent. You have to book it months in advance)

Camping_trip 261

Camping_trip 272

Camping_trip 284

(above: A broad-headed skink)

Camping_trip 291

(above: Blue flag iris - a swamp wildflower)

Camping_trip 285

Camping_trip 325

Camping_trip 337

Camping_trip 353

(above: Green Cove Spring... a natural spring that feeds into a community swimming pool located next to it. This is located about 10 minutes or so from the campground, by vehicle)

Camping_trip 338

Camping_trip 366

(above: There were loads of baby grasshoppers this time of year. The kids loved looking at them)

Camping_trip 370

Camping_trip 377

(above: Us, at the end of our camping trip, standing in front of our cabin)

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