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Medical Monday - Q&A with Halifax Health - Children's Cough


Below is a Medical Monday question that was sent in by a Volusia County Moms reader. The answer has been provided by the medical professionals at Halifax Health. If you would like to submit a question to be answered in the Medical Monday series, please email it in or send it in via Facebook private message. 

This question was answered by Dr. Yousuf Hasan, a Pediatric Physician in “Speediatrics” at Halifax Health.

Q. What is the best way to handle a child’s cough, without having to go to the doctor? He has no other symptoms along with it.

 A. Childhood cough may be a minor self limiting infection or sign of some disorder needing proper evaluation and treatment, and it varies with child’s age. Most Respiratory tract infections, causing cough, among children are Viral, and are self limited, needing just supportive care. As long as child is not distressed by cough, can sleep without interruption and eat comfortably, all it requires is patience and monitoring, and assuring hydration. If not sure, have child examined by a pediatrician.


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