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Geocaching with your kids in the Daytona Beach area and beyond!


You know how kids like the idea of a treasure hunt? Well that's exactly what Geocaching is... only you are hunting for real treasure. Kids and adults both love it and it's something they can do together. My kids love doing this when we go out on hikes. You can download the Geocaching app to your phone for around $10, and use it to help locate the vicinity where the treasure contain has been placed. 

We don't always find the treasure and it's disappointing when we don't. Some are just hidden so well that despite our efforts and time we can't locate it. Grr! Even with four of us in our party there have been times when we are in the location of the treasure, but can't find the container. But when we do find it we are happy! Using the Geocaching app you can navigate to the site of treasure when you are out on a hike or in a park. 

Once you find the treasure you can take an item, as long as you leave an item. So you need to take some trinkets with you that you won't mind leaving behind. It's always a "take one, leave one" type of deal. There is also usually a log in the container that everyone who finds it signs. Once you are done with the container you put it back, so the next person can find it. Geocaching is just one more way you can have fun with your kids out in nature. They love the thrill of locating the treasure!

You can learn more about Geocaching here. Here are some pictures of a recent Geocache treasure we located while at Green Springs:


May 20014 077


(Pictured above: The treasure box, which was buried under a pile of Spanish moss).

May 20014 078


(Pictured above: My daughter opening the treasure box we navigated to and found).

There are Geocaching treasure spots throughout Volusia County, including on hikes and in parks in Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange, DeLand, etc.


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