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Funky Trunk Treasures in DeLand - Unique items, local artists, and events

This week while meeting up with my friend for lunch in DeLand at De La Vega Restaurante (great food!), we decided to take a stroll and check out some of the stores after eating. One of the places we came across was Funky Trunk Treasures. I was excited when I saw the name, because I had followed them on Facebook for a while. I saw they often posted neat things, and I knew it was in DeLand, but had no idea where they were located. But we just so happen to find ourselves standing right in front of it that day.

We popped into Funky Trunk Treasures and we were immediately greeted by the owner, Kimberly Cline (pictured below). She was a really sweet lady, very helpful, and just full of energy and passion for what they do there. I liked her right off!

We took a look around the store and just loved all of the things they had. Funky Trunk Treasures has lots of unique items and they are all made by local artists. That's really neat, because you are supporting local artists with every purchase. I saw many things I'd like to purchase and I'm sure I will be back.

Another neat thing about Funky Trunk Treasures is that they offer classes and unique fun events. They will even do a girl's night out. So if you and some of your girlfriends want to get together for a night of art or crafting, you can meet up there. Kimberly will also tailor your class or event to meet your needs and wants, so that it's custom to you and your group. Pizza and painting? Done. Wine, chocolate and crafting? No problem. They tailor the sessions to what you want to do. Very cool!

If you are out and about and find yourself in downtown DeLand, stop in Funky Trunk Treasures and take a peak. It's a great place to find things you probably won't find elsewhere. Whether shopping for gifts for someone else or for yourself, you will find something for every taste there!

You can visit their website here. They have a list of classes they are offering on their website, including painting, art, etc. Here are some pictures I took while in Funky Trunk Treasures this week:

June 2014 021


June 2014 039

June 2014 023

June 2014 024

June 2014 025

June 2014 026

June 2014 027

June 2014 028

June 2014 029

June 2014 030

June 2014 031

June 2014 033

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