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If you are looking for a great way to get kids involved in pottery and art, you will want to check out Whim Wham Pottery & Art Studio. It is located at 378-B West Granada Blvd in Ormond Beach. This is a great place to take kids, have a mom's night out, or just go do some pottery all on your own!

At Whim Wham you can walk in and pick what you want to paint. There are many different types of pottery pieces to choose, with something for everyone. Whether you want to paint a small statue, something you can use (like a cup or bowl), or a wall decoration, you are sure to find a piece to match your personality and preferences.

Whim Wham offers classes, camps, open pottery/art time, and birthday party options. I attended a birthday party there myself back in March and it was great! There is a birthdy party room where the kids all choose what they will paint and then paint it. Then, there is a pizza place just a couple of doors down and we walked down to get pizza for everyone, which was followed up by birthday cake. Each child gets a take-home art project that they have painted. Great party! 

Plus, all of the paint is food grade, so your items will be fired afterward so you can use it to eat/drink with and they will look great! 

Along with the birthdy party and camps, there are moms who have ladies' night out events there, and even parent/child night out. It's a place where even grandma or grandpa can sit next to their grandchild and do the activity with them and everyone enjoy themselves. It's creative, unique, and fun!

You can learn more about Whim Wham Pottery & Art Studio at their site here.

Here are some pictures that I recently took at Whim Wham:

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VCM_supporters 049

VCM_supporters 050

VCM_supporters 051

VCM_supporters 052

VCM_supporters 053

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