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Family fun taking the SunRail from DeBary to Winter Park


This evening we met up with friends to take the SunRail train from DeBary to Winter Park to have dinner. What a fun time, and the kids loved it! They got to go on a train, so this was an exciting evening for them. 

We took the train departure from DeBary to Winter Park and got off there to walk to Ethos Vegan Kitchen (one of my very favorite restuarants). The walk was about 6-7 minutes right down the road. We had a great dinner there, then we headed back to the train. The train is a double decker, so we sat up top and the kids loved it!

The train was very clean, has a restroom, tables, and was comfortable. Round trip from DeBary it was $7.50 per adult and $3.75 for children ages 7 and up. Kids who are 6 and under are free. When you arrive, you just walk up to the ticket kiosk to purchase your tickets. Then take your train to your destination. When you get off the train you "tap off," which is to waive your card in front of the ticket scanner that is off the train. When you go to get back on you "tap on," by scanning your ticket again to show you are getting back on. When you are done you do a final "tap off." 

This was fun. If you have restaurant you'd like to go to near one of the train stops you may want to consider doing it, too. The kids will love it! Mine are already asking when we do this again...

You can find the SunRail schedule of stops here.
Here are some pictures from our SunRail ride from DeBary to Winter Park:









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Irishgirl4u2c .

Glad you enjoyed it! However, there is one thing that needs to be corrected from your posting... there is, at every station, one ticket kiosk that DOES accept cash... so you do not have to use a credit card. The DeBary station indeed does have a cash kiosk.


Great to know, thank you! We only saw the one that takes credit/debit. Glad to know they do have one that takes cash.

Irishgirl4u2c .

Please note: while every station DOES have a cash kiosk, they do not have them on BOTH sides. If you don't see one on say, the Northbound side, there will be one over on the Southbound side.

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