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Lake Beresford Park in Deland - Hiking, biking, and playground

If you are looking for a place in the DeLand area to take a hike, go biking, or have a picnic and park day, check out Lake Beresford Park. Located at 2100 Fatio Rd in DeLand, the park offers a lot for people to do.

Lake Beresford Park has two entrances, and this is important to keep in mind because there are different things to do at each entrance. There is a north entrance and a south entrance. Here's what each has:

The north entrance - There is a 1.6 mile unpaved interpretive nature trail for walking/hiking, a picnic table, and a parking lot. There are no restroom facilities at this entrance. The unpaved trail would not be suitable for a stroller or wheelchair, but gets you off the paved trails for a hike into nature.

The south entrance - At this entrance you will find a restroom, children's playground, two large pavilions with picnic tables, and access to paved trails. The paved multi-use trails can be used for running, biking, walking, etc. There are two options here. One trail (located between the playground and train track) is two miles long, is paved, and runs around the perimeter of Lake Beresford Park. The other paved trail is part of the Spring-to-Spring trail system, which goes down to Blue Spring State Park. At this entrance there are also couple of short unpaved trails (located off the Spring-to-Spring trail) that lead down to the lake.

To access the longer paved Spring-to-Spring Trail, from the parking lot you will head toward the underpass and go through it. Once you go through there you will see the paved bike trail. If you turn right the trail goes down about .4 miles before it ends (so .8 round trip). If you go to the left it's about 2 miles down to Blue Spring State Park. At that point, you can turn left to continue on the paved trail. You will go through another underpass. This trail continues about another 3.5 miles. You can easily do a short bike ride here or go for a longer one (11 or more miles round trip). This trail gives you a great workout. There are inclines that challenge you to go up, and then great downhills, making for a fun workout.

The two mile paved trail that runs around the perimeter of the park (not the spring trail) can also be shortened, because there are points where you pass by the parking lot, giving you an out about halfway around. There is also a train track overpass that runs through this park. My son really got a kick out of watching a train go by on it while we were there.

Whether you want to bike ride, jog, or take a nature walk, there are some great options at Lake Beresford Park. It's a clean park that offers everything you need for a few hours of fun. The paved trails do offer stroller or wheelchair access. The park is free to use and it's in a beautiful area of DeLand.

Here are some pictures from Lake Beresford Park in DeLand:











These are pictures from the trail that goes around the perimeter of the park:






These are pictures that go from Lake Beresford Park to Blue Spring State Park. You pick this trail up just on the other side of the overhead train track. This is a gorgeous trail! It's total 3.3 miles round trip. It will take you straight to Blue Spring State Park. Going there it's a bit uphill, but coming back it's mostly coasting (if you are on a bike). It's awesome! And the views are wonderful. Eventually this trail will connect all the way to Gemini Springs. 







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