Coastal Strand Trail hike in Ormond By the Sea at North Peninsula State Park
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Boardman Pond Observation Deck in Ormond Beach

When you are checking out either the Bulow Woods Trail or the Coastal Strand Trail you will want to make a quick stop off at the Boardman Pond Observation Deck. It's part of the Bulow Woods Trail, but you can easily access it from Walter Boardman Lane and Old Dixie. There is a place to park across the street from where the "Boardman Pond Observation Deck" sign is.

The walk back to the observation deck is .30 miles. So round trip it would be .60, which is a great short walk for toddlers or the elderly who may not be able to walk far, but would like to see something. There is good signage leading back to the observation deck and it is stroller friendly. The observation deck offers a view of the marsh and wading birds. There is also signage to let you know what type of birds you are seeing.

This is a great addition to one of the other hikes, making it a quick 30 minute stop off, or something to do on its own if you need a short option. It's along the Ormond scenic loop, which is a beautiful drive.

Here are pictures from the Boardman Pond Observation Deck:











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