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Clothing for Newborns (guest post)

Clothing for the newborn


It is not easy to buy clothes for the newborn, but we have to buy something or the other.  So, here are some tips that will help you make the right choice.


Look for comfort

Comfortable clothing is extremely important for your little one because he/she cannot tell you that it is uncomfortable for them. Again, it is not easy to understand their issue but if you are constantly noting their movements and reactions, you can understand their level of comfort. So, use your judgment and expertise to change their clothes if they are uncomfortable.

Bonus Tip: Don’t choose tight clothes. Choose clothing that fits your baby perfectly.



Buying quality clothing is important because your baby’s skin is sensitive. So, look for clothing that is made of cotton fleece or brushed cotton. This will not irritate your baby’s delicate skin.


Organic clothing should be on your mind

Organic clothing is chemical-free and a safe bet. You can rely on the fabric and be sure that you are buying the right material for your baby. Yes, it is expensive, but if you are buying it from stores like Nordstrom for clothing, you can expect an amazing discount on baby wear. coupons are even available.

Note: Before adding items to your cart, check out the ‘sale’ section on and be sure that you make the most of discount offers and deals listed on the store.


Size matters

Yes, your newborn is growing. You should update their clothing every three or six months to be sure that they are comfortable and wearing the right sizes. So, it is advisable not to buy too many pairs at the same time. Even if you like the collections, buy three or four of them to be happy about it. After a couple of months, you will give it to someone else or use it for some other purpose. So, it is better to buy limited pairs at one time.


Dressing for the weather

It is important to buy dresses according to the weather. If you are taking your baby on a vacation, study weather conditions in there and take necessary clothing for your baby.  If you do not have it, buy it online. Before planning an order, keep coupons ready so that you can grab lucrative deals and have an amazing time moving around with your baby.


Second-hand clothes

Some people opt for using second-hand baby clothes to save some money. If you do this, be sure to wash them before using them, and avoid ones that have a smoke or pet odor, as that usually doesn’t come out of the clothing even after washing.


Washing baby clothes

While washing your baby’s clothes, use non-biological detergents. Biological detergents are effective and remove stains with ease. However, it is not good for your baby’s sensitive skin. On the other hand, non-bio detergents care for your baby’s skin but are not as effective as bio detergents, if we talk about removing stains. 

However, safety is our priority, isn’t it?

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