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5 Great Nearby Florida Springs to Take the Kids to During Summer


(Pictured: Juniper Springs)

Looking for something fun and cool to do over the summer? Take the kids to one of our many area springs. Florida has 900 freshwater springs, so you have plenty of places to choose from. Central Florida is especially blessed with numerous natural springs to take your family to, with options from one coast to the other. Pack a lunch, take your swim and snorkel gear, and make a day out of it. You won't regret it!

The springs remain a constant 72 degrees all year (give or take a couple of degrees, depending on the spring). For some people that feels chilly (or down right cold), but for others (such as myself) it's great. Especially on a hot summer Florida day. Swimming in the springs is something that people do in the summer months, but not other times of the year.

Here are 5 great Florida springs to take the kids to during summer that are not too far from Volusia County:

1. DeLeon Springs - This is a spring that is close by, in Volusia County, and is a lot of fun. Not only is the spring great to swim in, but there is also some nice hiking you can do there as well. We like to take the hike (which will get you hot and sweaty since it's summer time) and then cool off in the spring afterward. It literally takes about 30 seconds to cool off in the spring after the hike. There is also an old mill restaurant there where you can make your own pancakes on a griddle at your table. They have plenty of picnic tables and a couple of pavilions, too. There is also a eco tour boat ride you can take, which is fun and informative. Get more information on DeLeon Springs and see some pictures here.

2. Blue Spring State Park - This is a popular summer spring in Volusia County. The ground in the spring is a bit rocky, so you may want to wear a water shoe if you plan to go all the way back to the spring. You can take your own tube to go tubing, or you can rent one there. The area where you set up your chairs is a walk from where the spring entrance is, and you can't see the spring from there. Many people may not mind that, but I didn't care for that one aspect. The spring is great, but you can't see your things. This park also has a playground, picnic tables and pavilions, hiking trails, a great eco boat ride, kayak rentals, and an on-site small store. There are also cabins available and tent camping. We have been swimming there in the summer when a manatee came by and swam with the kids for a minute. What a surprise that was! Get more info and see some pictures of Blue Spring State Park here.

3. Juniper Springs - Located an hour or so away (depending on where you are in Volusia County), this is a beautiful natural spring. There is a store, picnic tables, camping, great trail to hike, and a beautiful spring. This spring has a platform where people jump off into the springs. The spring area here is smaller, but it's a really beautiful spring. Get more information and see pictures and a video here on my other blog.

4. Alexander Springs - This is my favorite spring! This spring is around an hour away (again, depending on where you are in Volusia County). There is a store, picnic tables, great hiking trail, camping, and an awesome spring! The spring is not deep at all, so it's a great place to take the kids to. When I stand up the water in many areas only comes to my thighs, so younger kids can go out and they will not be in deep water. The water here is so clear and beautiful. Then you can take your snorkel gear and snorkel over the top of the spring area (where a lot of people scuba dive). It's beautiful! Get more information and see pictures on my other blog here.

5. Wekiwa Springs - Also located around an hour away, depending on where you are in the county, this spring is a popular destination for many people in the summer time. This park offers camping, scuba diving, swimming, a playground, picnic tables, kayak rental, pavilions, and hiking.  Get more information and see pictures here.

Taking the kids to one of the natural springs to swim makes for a great day and experience. They will spend some time out in nature and it is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. Florida has many springs to check out, with some of them being hours away. You may want plan a day-long trek, or even stay over night near one. They offer a lot to do, including swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and more. The springs are one of the things that get me excited about summer!

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