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Participating in the Career Fair at Volusia Pines Elementary (2015)


This morning I attended the career fair held at Volusia Pines Elementary in Lake Helen. This was the second year this event was held and the second time I participated. This is a fun and informative event that I think all schools should be putting on for the students.

Sarah Smith, the school counselor, is the one that puts this event together, which is aimed at giving kids a chance to learn about some of the career fields that they are interested in. This year she had representatives from 37 different career fields set up. People volunteer their time to participate in the career fair. Each person is giving a little "station," where she provides you with a board where you can post some of your things there to show to the kids. 

How the career fair works is that every 15 minutes you get a new group of kids to talk to. Prior to that event, the kids pick their top three career fields they are interested in from the list. They are given a schedule of which order to go see each three, so they know where to go each session. They meet with the person in that career field and hear what it's like to do that job, how the person got into it, what types of classes are helpful, etc. The kids also ask questions of their own, and you bring things to show to them. For example, I took with me a folder filled with some of my magazine and newspaper articles, books, and also examples of copywriting I've written. I also told them about my blogging.

The event lasts for two hours, with a new group coming by every 15 minutes. It's a lot of fun and I think it's wonderful to get the kids interested in some of the career fields. There were also a couple of kids who said their mother's follow Volusia County Moms. Yay!

Two thumbs up to Volusia Pines Elementary for putting on such a great event for the kids. I hope other schools will begin to follow suit!

Here are some pictures from the career fair today at Volusia Pines Elementary:

Pictured below: Me (Jacqueline Bodnar) at the career field.



Pictured below: Sarah Smith, school counselor who organized the career fair.



Pictured below: Heather Pastor, an artist who teaches classes through her company One by One Designs.









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