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Summer Running Program in Port Orange for 6-8th Grades (2015)


Does your child like to run? Would they like to become a better runner? There is going to be a summer running program, called Spruce Creek Running & Fitness, in Port Orange for those who are in 6-8th grades.

The program will be taught by Scott Kirschner, who is one of the Spruce Creek High School cross country coaches, is state certified. The program is great prep for any students that plan to run in high school, but is also great for soccer players and those playing other sports.

This running and fitness program is a member of the national AAU. (Amateur Athletic Union). It will meet in Port Orange on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the summer 8am - 9:30am. Races are Saturday mornings. The program starts Tuesday, June 9, 2015 at 8am at the Spruce Creek Track.

Contact Scott for more information or to get your child registered at 386.986.8434.

As a side note, my son did the Otters on the Move running program in school (which just ended last week). Scott was his coach for this program and my son loved it. Great program that he is looking forward to joining again next year! Below is a picture of Coach Scott with my son, following the banquet for the runner's group.

Coach Scott and my son
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