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People in our community: Debra Sheehan, mom and business owner


I met Debra Sheehan when she became an advertiser on the Volusia County Moms blog. However, before doing that she had been an active member on the VCM Facebook page for quite a while. She and her husband own two businesses in the county, Luigi's Pizza & Italian Kitchen in Holly Hill, which she runs, and Sheehan & Associates accounting firm, which her husband runs. 

Debra moved to the county in November 1999 and settled in Ormond Beach in 2005. She has three daughters ranging from age 7 to 24, and loves music, reading, old movies, and shoes. She loves shoe's as much as Carrie from Sex & the City does! She is a native of Michigan (from the Flushing area, which is near Flint), and as such is a die-hard Detroit Red Wings fan. 

"Growing up in Michigan hockey is the norm," she says. "I loved watching the Detroit Red wings with my dad and going to see our local team- they were the Flint Generals back then. Hockey was the only sport my dad and i had in common. I love that the game is so fast paced. And the players are true athletes."

Debra's lives her life keeping her favorite quote in mind: "The only things you truly regret are the risks you do not take."

You will likely see Debra active on the VCM Facebook page from time to time. And when you are in the Holly Hill area and want some pizza or Italian food, stop in Luigi's Pizza (1701 US 1 in Holly Hill) and show some support to one of our fellow Volusia County Moms! 

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