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"Grandma Gatewood's Walk" a book review


For anyone who has followed this blog for a while, they already know I am a nature lover and a hiker. I long for hiking weather here in Florida, so that I can hit the trails with my family. Shoot, our March 2015 vacation to Las Vegas was dubbed a "hiking trip," because we did 5 hikes in 6 days, hiking at some fabulous places out there, including Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire (my favorite), Mount Charleston, Death Valley, and the Grand Canyon. Most people go to Las Vegas to gamble. We went back to show the kids where they were born, and to hike.

Even if you are just a tiny bit interested in hiking, or in reading about the history of a strong women in American history, I highly suggest picking up "Grandma Gatewood's Walk," by Ben Montgomery. This book is awesome! 

Emma 'Grandma' Gatewood was the first woman to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail, doing so at age 67 and alone. She ended up hiking it three times, but didn't stop there. She also hiked the Oregon Trail, and made other hiking journey's, some of which still take place each year in her honor. She is a legend in the hiking world and is incredibly inspirational and interesting. I loved learning about her life and all of the hiking that she did.

The author, a Tampa area newspaper reporter, went to great lengths to research her story, gathering information from the journals Emma recorded out on the trails, from interviewing people, and from gathering up some of the many newspaper clippings that had been preserved about her journey's. He did a wonderful job of bringing it all together, showing you who Emma was and the amazing legacy she left behind.

Two thumbs up for "Grandma Gatewood's Walk." This book is inspirational as well as educational. I shared loads of details about it with my kids and husband, and will be telling many people about Grandma Gatewood and referring them to this book!

- Jacqueline Bodnar

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