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I've heard about Giuseppe's Pizza, located on Nova in Port Orange, for years. I know many people who love it there and they are always surprised that I've never been there or had their pizza. Yes, I've lived here in the area for 9 years and have not had their pizza, until tonight. We wanted to go out for pizza, and I suggested we try this place. My husband and son did attend a soccer team party there once a few years back, but I had never been there. 

My husband and I had a few other kids along with us from the neighborhood, so there were seven of us total. We arrived at 6 pm and were seated right away. The waitress, Andrea, also took our drink order almost immediately. Within minutes she came back and took our pizza order. We had already looked at the menu online, so we didn't need much time to place the order. We ordered one extra large cheese pizza, one large pizza with green pepper and onion, and most of the kids got a soda, as did my husband and I. 

They had quite a few people dining in there, but not all tables were taken. It was very loud and I wasn't a fan of the atmosphere. I kind of felt like it was a grungy garage or bar, to be honest. The kids went to spend some money in the small arcade that was near where our table was, which was a good thing, because it took 40 minutes for one pizza to arrive and another 5 minutes for the other pizza, making it a 45 minute wait before we got our food. Yikes, that's rough when you have five hungry kids! After almost a 40 minute wait, the waitress had stopped back to say she was going to go check on the pizza, because it was taking a long time (to which I agreed). 

I did like the taste of the pizza. I like how they put a lot of onion on there and the were big slices of onion. They serve Pepsi products, which was disappointing, because I like Coke (and mostly drink soda only with pizza). Pepsi just isn't the same! The kids all liked the pizza, too. I like that they offer a kids drink for $1.

Overall, I like the pizza, but I don't care for the atmosphere or the long wait once the food was ordered. If I had their pizza again, I'd probably order it to go to avoid the dark, grungy atmosphere and I'd time picking it up so there's no long wait. 

- Jacqueline







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