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Today we went to the Long & Scott's Corn Maze in Zellwood. I think this was our fourth year in a row going there. In the past, we have put it off until what always ended up being the last day of the corn maze. By then, it's kind of thinned out. We also always seem to go on a hot day, which makes it a little rougher to get through. When we got up today the weather was cooler, so we thought it may make for a good day to go (and we were right, because it was nice and breezy).

Each year when we go, we save money on the tickets by getting them through a Groupon or Living Social deal. They usually have those deals early on, before the maze opens in October. This year they offered a Groupon for them, which allowed us to get the tickets for $6 per person. It's regularly $11 per adult and $9 per child (children under 3 and under are free). The admission gets you into the corn mazes, as well as most of the other activities they offer. There is a play area, where kids can zipline, bounce, go on slides, and more. All of that is included in the admission price (and my kids love it). The things that cost extra are the hay ride ($4 per person) and the catch and release fishing in the pond ($2). 

They do have a cafe on site and on the weekends they have a couple of vendors that set up near the maze, selling corn on the cob and various other items, including drinks. They also have a little country store that has some neat things, and a small farmer's market. 

To do the maze, you get a sheet of paper where you fill in the clues, until you have found every station in the maze and can fill in the answer at the bottom of the sheet. You walk a lot get lost some, and keep going if you are with my husband. Some people give up, but he won't allow it. He makes us push on and finish it each year. I started my GPS about two minutes after we entered the maze, and tracked our route (picture below). We ended up walking over 2.25 miles and for around 1.5 hours, but we did finish it all. We were ready for lunch by the time we finished, so went to the car and got our cooler (we had packed a lunch) and took it inside. They have many covered picnic tables where you can have a picnic lunch and let the kids play for a while. We ate our lunch and let the kids play for an hour. They had a lot of fun on all of the activities there. 

Zellwood is about an hour drive from Port Orange. We enjoy going to this every year and will continue. My only one complaint is that they are not consistent with having fresh corn on the cob available for eating there. Sometimes I am able to get it, and it's great, and other times they don't have it. Considering its a corn maze and a farm, it seems like they should always have it! 

If you go, take drinks (they do sell it, but it's cheaper to take it), sunscreen, and pack a lunch, unless you plan to buy from the small cafe. However, it's iffy on what they have at the cafe, because sometimes they are out of things. Also, wear comfortable shoes, because you will be doing a lot of walking. Take socks for the kids, because they will need those for the bouncing. They have the big corn maze, but they also have a smaller one if you have toddlers, and they have one with misters in case it's hot. There are numerous things to do on this property, making it a fun time for everyone.

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