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Mellow Mushroom Review in Port Orange #MellowMushroomPortOrange


There has been a lot of hype surrounding the opening of the new Mellow Mushroom in Port Orange, located at 5790 Journeys End Way. I love pizza and was looking forward to trying it, too. Even though they are a chain, I've never been to one before, neither had I heard of them prior to hearing that one was being built here in Port Orange. Fast forward to today, when my husband and I went there for lunch. 

I like the design of the restaurant. It's nice, clean, and modern. They have an outdoor seating area, a bar, a large dining room, and a separated enclosed dining area that could be used for private parties. I'm a pizza lover, so even though there were other items on the menu that sounded good, I had my heart set on getting pizza.

While they are famous for their pizza, they have a large menu with lots of other things to offer, including salads, hoagie's, and burgers. Since they have a full bar, you can also have your choice of drinks. Their menu is large enough that there seems to be something for everyone, including those looking for specialty items, such as dairy free cheese, and gluten free items. It's certainly a place where carnivores and vegetarians can dine together and come out mutually happy with the experience.

We ordered a medium "build your own" pizza for the two of us to share ($11.99), which was the perfect amount. It had six slices in it, and after two I was full, so my husband ate the rest. Although I'm not a vegan (I'm a vegetarian) I wanted to try the vegan pizza. They offer vegan (non-dairy) Daiya cheese for a $3.25 additional fee. For our toppings ($1.79 each), we chose mushrooms, onions, and tofu. I've never had tofu on a pizza before, but we like tofu, so we wanted to give it a try. They do put butter and parmesan on the crust, so if you want to keep it vegan you will want to leave that off. I was also glad that they serve Coke, because the one time I like to have soda is when I eat pizza (and I like it to be Coke).

Our server, Sophia, was very knowledgeable about the menu and the toppings, and provided great customer service. I loved that she didn't give us an odd look when we mentioned getting tofu on our pizza. She explained that they had tried everything on the menu, which what I thought was pretty neat. I think that gave her a great perspective about being able to answer questions and make suggestions.

Total, our bill was just over $28, which is a little more than we like to spend on lunch, but there are some incentives, too. The receipt came with an online survey, which will give me a $5 coupon to use the next time I go in, and you can sign up for their eClub, which will give you some special offers. 

The pizza was good. We liked it and every bit was eaten! I usually like non-vegan pizza better, so next time I plan to try their non-vegan pizza (although I'm really glad they offer the non-dairy option, too). 

I am looking forward to going back to Mellow Mushroom. In addition to trying their non-vegan pizza (with veggie toppings), I'm looking forward to trying their veggie burger, tofu hoagie, and tempeh hoagie. Two thumbs up for Mellow Mushroom... We will be back again!

- Jacqueline Bodnar











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Service at was bad both times I went there. The first time I was there my kids told the server it was there moms birthday and he said so.. Not that I was worry about my birthday at my age but it was rude. To top it off he only came to our table once and we had to find him to pay. Second visit was a little better but still service kinda the same. Hopefully they work it out.

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