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Three weeks ago I stared a running program (again). I've started and stopped one numerous times over the last few years, always giving up for one reason or another. This time was going to be different though, because my husband volunteered to be my running coach. He's been an avid runner for the last five years, logging 20 miles per week for the fun of it (he has a passion for running), and throughout the year he also does a variety of half and full marathons. I am loving that he is coaching me on this!

Today, my coach took me Spike's Athletic Footwear, located at 1237 Ridgewood Avenue in Holly Hill, so that I could be fitted for a pair of good running shoes (he also got me a running watch for Christmas!). He's been there before for the same thing and he's a fan of the store. I have been running in a pair of Under Armor shoes that I have had for the last couple of years, so they are nothing special, not running shoes, and they were never actually fitted for me (they just so happen to fit when I was shopping for shoes). So I was on board with the idea, although I kept thinking there was nothing wrong with the shoes I was already wearing.

We were immediately greeted by a woman when we walked in and my husband started telling her that I was starting to run and needed a good pair of running shoes. She asked me to take my shoes off and walk in front of her. Within seconds she gathered important info that would be used to help match me to a pair of good running shoes. She even said that it looked like one foot was slightly longer than the other. Huh?! I'll be 45 next week and I've never noticed that, yet she spotted it with the naked eye within a few seconds of watching me walk. Mind blowing! Anyway, we then measured my feet, and sure enough she was right. My right foot was a quarter of a size longer than my left one!

She took all of the info into account and went to the stock room to pull some options that would be a good match. While she had to leave to go pick up her daughter, she handed me off to a guy who proceeded to help me out the rest of the way. The first pair I tried on felt amazing. I ran on the treadmill for a minute and I was surprised at just how much better they felt than the ones I've been wearing. I was in love... with the first pair! I proceeded to try on two others, but nothing compared to the first ones. She had nailed it on the first pair I tried on, which was pretty impressive!

I ended up purchasing the shoes in the picture, my first pair of running shoes, which were picked out based on how I personally walk. I'm excited to try them out on my next run. 

I can say that going to Spike's Athletic Footwear was a great experience. The customer service was excellent. They know more about matching footwear to your feet than I had ever thought of. They are also patient, helpful, and seem genuinely interested in helping you to find the best shoe for your foot. They also give you 10% off the shoe purchase if you buy then (which I did).  

Two thumbs up for Spike's! Stop in there if you need to be fitted for some good shoes (for running or any other athletic activity), or you are looking for some running accessories, as they also have clothing, and a variety of other products available.

- Jacqueline Bodnar


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